Topic: What calculations does the Wii's processor make and how does it work?

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I need that information for a college project.

How is the information processing flow carried out? Where does it send information when the Wii is turned on, and where does it receive it from? Which path is taken by the motherboard when using it?

If possible, I would like to know what exact calculations need to be done by the processor.

I need very detailed information. I couldn't find it anywhere. At least not in as much detail and as specific as that. Sorry if my question is confusing, I don't understand Hardware very well yet.



Sorry, but this website isn’t the best place for that kind of information. I’d suggest asking your question on either a Wii subreddit or on the website GBATemp.

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@StarPoint Thank you! I posted on the Wii subreddit, and I'm waiting for the mods to approve the post. I didn't know about GBATemp, I'll try making a post there as well!



@Rambler Thank you! I think I needed information more specific than that, but it is already a great help!


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