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facetory four ever fresh: first impressions!

I don’t do beauty subscriptions. I used to in the past, and I found them to be a waste of money. I won’t lie though, it was really exciting at first! I liked getting a range of new products to try out. But I quickly found that I wasn’t even interested in the products to begin with, and most of them would lay unused. I think I just know what I like – I mean, my base makeup and skincare has barely changed in three years, and the only thing that does is my eye makeup and lipstick.

Buuuut, I saw someone on Snapchat not too long ago talking about Facetory, a Korean sheet mask subscription service. It piqued my interest since it’s such a niche category when it comes to subscriptions, and the results from sheet masks are pretty straightforward. It comes in a package of four “drugstore” masks (four-ever fresh) or seven higher end ones (seven lux). I got the four-ever fresh package since I don’t use sheet masks (or any masks tbh) often. Continue Reading