PR & disclosure

PR Disclosure

I buy most of the products I talk about, and sometimes receive PR for consideration. I’ll never accept payment or products for a positive review, unless it’s something that I genuinely like using. Even then, I’ll include the negative aspects, if any.

Once in a while I’ll receive products to do ads with on other platforms. If it’s relevant, I’ll write about them on the blog as well – but note that I’m usually only paid to talk about it on one platform and not all of them. I’ll disclose what I’ve gotten from ads, as well as sponsored posts. Products that were gifted to me for consideration will be denoted with c/o, meaning “courtesy of.” I believe that helps you make a more informed decision when it comes to buying products.

Affiliate Links

I use affiliate links throughout this blog; most links are affiliate links, though not all of them are. I make a small commission if you click or make a purchase through them. They’re very much appreciated since it supports me and this blog. You don’t have to feel obligated to click through them – I try to provide enough information so that you can search it on your own.