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Lip balm is probably my weakness.

I have a jar chock full of lip balms sitting next to me on my desk, and I have a couple more scattered throughout my bags. I’m fully aware that if I stuck to using just one, I’m not going to finish it anytime soon. But I’m also in denial that I’m hoarding lip balms, so there’s that. Did I mention lip balm is probably my weakness? Continue Reading

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When I first started blogging, I was so obsessed with having favorites every month since it’s the standard in the beauty industry of social media. I’m not one to indulge in beauty products, as ironic as it sounds being a makeup enthusiast. My product selections now are curated, and most importantly, items I truly love using. I swear, if I did monthly favorite blog posts or videos, I’d literally have one or two products at most. Continue Reading

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I love me a minimal desk. There’s just something so nice about having a small space with just the necessities. I’m at the point where I rarely get enjoyment out of things that don’t serve a purpose – I only keep around what I need and consciously choose functional items as decor. And since my desk is quite small, I have more of a reason to keep it clear and tidy… though, sometimes I’m not that good at doing that!

I totally nabbed Mei’s “Peek into my life” series and turned it into “Peek into my space,” by the way. I’m very unoriginal.
Continue Reading

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If there’s one thing that made the biggest difference in my skincare, it would be Korean sheet masks. I say specifically Korean sheet masks – maybe it’s because I’m Asian and I think North American companies just don’t do them as well. Plus, they usually cost an arm and a leg (I’m looking at you, Sephora) considering that skincare is something that you need to use consistently to see results. I’ve been using sheet masks routinely for half a year now (…about the same amount of time between this post and the last one), and I can really see and feel a difference in my skin – it’s plumper, smoother, and hydrated. I’ve rounded up my favorite masks – I love them so much that I actually feel nervous when I’m down to the last one! Continue Reading

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facetory four ever fresh: first impressions

I don’t do beauty subscriptions. I used to in the past, and I found them to be a waste of money. I won’t lie though, it was really exciting at first! I liked getting a range of new products to try out. But I quickly found that I wasn’t even interested in the products to begin with, and most of them would lay unused. I think I just know what I like – I mean, my base makeup and skincare has barely changed in three years, and the only thing that does is my eye makeup and lipstick. Continue Reading