• glossier milky jelly cleanser, first aid beauty cleanser
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    My Cleansers, Reviewed

    Here’s the next installment to my skincare products post (read the makeup removers post here): cleansers! I’m not very picky when it comes to cleansers. For the longest time, I lived off my…

  • art, beauty favorites, favorite things

    November Favorites

    I’ve been taking a big interest in art in general lately (if you couldn’t already tell). So I sketched and colored some of my favorite things from November. We’re in the middle…

  • glossier haul
    beauty, skincare

    Another Glossier Haul

    Is anyone getting tired of these Glossier hauls, yet? Glossier arrived to the UK recently and all my UK friends are chatting about it nonstop – for good reason! I’m lucky to…

  • art, art supplies

    An Art Supply Haul

    Instead of spending money at Sephora’s Beauty Insider rewards sale, I spent it on art supplies. The only thing that has my eye right now is the Fresh Rose Mask I’ve been…

  • bullet journal, lifestyle

    2017 Bullet Journal Review

    Woah, is 2017 *actually* almost over?! It seems like everyone is saying this lately, but it’s true! Bullet journaling has really gained popularity over the last few years, so I joined in…

  • clinique take off the day review
    beauty, skincare

    My Makeup Removers, Reviewed

    Hi guys! I just wanted to give a big thank you for all the nice comments on my sketching/drawing/whatever from my last post. I don’t think I’m that good by any means,…

  • november 2017 birchbox review

    November 2017 Birchbox

    As the last installment of my Birchbox trial… I think you’ll know what I think since I’m saying it’s the last. I’ll go with reviewing/making first impressions on the products included like…