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smorgasburg 2017

Okay, wow – this is a long overdue post! I’ve been meaning to write about Smorgasburg least three months ago, when Michael visited me back in May. But as you know (or don’t know), I struggled a lot with blogging back then. That can go into a whole other blog post though – for now, let’s focus on Smorgasburg! Continue Reading

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Current Reading List

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Call me a basic bitch, but I really love leg photos like this. Hey, at least I don’t have a PSL as a prop too (but honestly, that’s only because I’m in bed and it’d have a high chance of tipping over). Continue Reading

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review: glossier mega greens galaxy pack + moisturizing moon mask

glossier mask duo review, glossier mega greens galaxy pack, glossier moisturizing moon mask

Uhhhhh wow, remember how I said a few posts ago that I usually don’t buy a lot of cosmetics? Well yeah, when I travel it all changes and I definitely buy a lot of cosmetics. I don’t buy in person though; I buy it all online and have it shipped to my house so it’s like Christmas or my birthday arrived early, except it’s from me (funnily enough I don’t give or receive many birthday or holiday presents). Continue Reading