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I just saw SHAZAM 2: Electric Boogaloo (some light spoilers below)
I really liked the first Shazam for many reasons, so I was definitely hyped to see a sequel. However, it kinda fell into a generic superhero movie around the end of act one, and after that only had a few (but plentiful) good moments. For a movie called Shazam, there wasn't much Shazam in it but that's okay since all the family members were enjoyable to watch, the ones that got "spotlight" screen time that is. The villains were... Villains not much to say there. The ending was pretty nice... Without spoiling it, it was pretty interesting... Overall I give this movie a 7/10

(heavy spoilers below)
That fakeout with Wonder Woman was great and then at the end, she showed up to "un-dead" Shazam!

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I should be watching it this weekend so yeah cool.

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