The First Sephora Haul of the Year

sephora haul 01

As I was writing the body of this post, I realized… I haven’t actually bought any makeup since June or July of last year! Honestly I think it’s just because I have so much that I’m starting to feel overwhelmed, and a lot of the new releases can be duped from something in my collection.

But of course, there are a few things that are pretty unique…

fenty beauty midnight wasabi, gloss bomb

I know, I’m super late when it comes to Fenty Beauty. Everyone and their cats were going bananas over the launches, while I decided against buying anything. While I was interested, I know I don’t need another blush or highlighter. When Fenty’s Mattemoiselle collection dropped though, I wanted those lipsticks to be all over me. I picked up Midnight Wasabi since it’s a color I don’t have anything similar to (and I also really wanted to do a Zethrid-inspired makeup look lol). Being stereotypically me, I also have my eyes on Ya Dig?!One Of The Boyz, and maaaybe Clapback.

I guess 2018 is going to be my year of neutral makeup, because I purchased Fenty’s Gloss Bomb. Will I only do neutral looks from now on?? Who am I even??? In all seriousness though, everyone has been raving about this gloss and I can see why! It’s sheer enough to wear off nicely without worrying about reapplying, but there’s enough color and shimmer that it adds a little something to your look. It’s not sticky at all, and also really hydrating – I feel like it could be used in lieu of lip balm. The scent is deliciously fruity, too!

urban decay vice special effects lip topcoat

A handful of Urban Decay’s lip topcoats are on sale, so I picked up Regulate and Ritual – PS, they’re also on sale at Ulta! I own White Lie already and I love using it in my lip art and as an eyeshadow topper (there’s no mention of them being eye-safe, just so you know).  I recently did a lip art with these over on Instagram if you’d like to check them out in action. Swatches over bare skin don’t do them justice!

Lastly, I got a little deluxe sample of Stila’s Magnificent Metals eyeshadow in Kitten Karma. This is another one of those things that get a lot of hype, and I can see why! It’s like a liquid glitter eyeshadow that doesn’t budge or flake off, and is hassle- and mess-free.



Did you purchase anything new recently?

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