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Sugarpill x Little Twin Stars Collection | Review, Swatches, & Tutorials

sugarpill little twin stars collection

Sugarpill recently came out with their Little Twin Stars collection and oh mah gaaaad, it’s stunning. Sugarpill is one of those brands that always inspires me with their new releases. I always loved smaller collections like this, too – it’s less overwhelming for sure!

Just so you know, the entire collection was sent to me by Sugarpill. You can read the full disclosure here.

Little Twin Stars Eyeshadow Palette

sugarpill little twin stars swatches and review

Swatches L to R: Cloud Maker, Star Ribbon, Twinkle Twinkle, Dream Dust, Sky Candy, Wish

→  $38, available on Sugarpill, Beautylish, and Beauty Bay

Cloud Maker is a foiled silvery blue. It’s not super pigmented, but I think it’s meant to be as a shimmery accent shade rather than a standalone shadow. It also makes for a really pretty highlighter!

Star Ribbon is a matte aqua, and the chalkiest out of all the shades. It’s not meant to be a bad thing, though – you can pretty much expect this texture from any matte, pastel shade.

Twinkle, Twinkle is a foiled astral gold. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?? This is *exactly* the kind of gold I’ve been looking for – something that doesn’t lean too green, too orange, or too pale.

Dream Dust is a frosted peachy nude with pink champagne duochrome. Despite looking like a regular beige in the pan, it actually has a lot of dimension! It’s lovely as a highlight, too – think Kat Von D Thunderstruck, but more subtle.

Sky Candy is a frosted baby pink. I wouldn’t classify this as frosted, more of a satin. It’s beautiful as a blush too, though be careful since it’s really pigmented!

Wish is a sparkling copper. It’s another foiled shade, but funnily enough it doesn’t really stand out to me. It ties the palette together as a theme and it’s still a pretty shade, but yeah, it just doesn’t really stand out compared to the other shades.

Kiki and Lala liquid lip duo

sugarpill kiki and lala lip swatch

Top lip: Lala / Bottom lip: Kiki

→  $36, available on Sugarpill, Beautylish, and Beauty Bay

If you’ve seen my Sugarpill Liquid Poison review, you’ll already know how I feel about their liquid lipsticks. They’re pretty much on par with the formula of the existing liquid lipsticks. Both are lovely shades with gold shimmers. You can also mix both of them for a gorgeous, dusty purple!

Makeup bag

sugarpill little twin stars makeup bag

→  $79 for the entire collection, available on Sugarpill, Beautylish, and Beauty Bay

If you’re planning  to get both the palette and liquid lipsticks, I’d recommend getting the entire set for the makeup bag and box. The makeup bag easily fits both the palette and lipsticks, with plenty of wiggle room.  The box it comes with can also be repurposed for storage, which I love!

I also filmed two (who am I!!) tutorials featuring the palette, if you’d fancy a look.

As an ending note, I’ve been away for a while. I caught the flu – again! Twice in a season, can you believe it?! I got my flu shot at the beginning in September but apparently it wasn’t effective this season. But yeah – coupled with a perpetually runny nose, cough, and sore throat, I didn’t want to do more thinking than I had to. So that explains the unexpected break, but I’m back!

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