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Sugarpill Liquid Poison Swatches & Review

sugarpill liquid poison liquid lipstick swatches - spank, u4ea, glint, cubby, nurse, shiver

If you couldn’t already tell from how often I use them on Instagram, Sugarpill is one of my favorite brands. I’ve been meaning to do these Sugarpill Liquid Poison swatches since they came out in November… better late than never, eh? I’ll be swatching my favorite shades for now, along with mini reviews since each formula differs slightly. It takes some real work (and pain) to do lip swatches, which I’m admittedly not about.

By the way, all the Sugarpill Liquid Poison lipsticks were sent to me, courtesy of Sugarpill. Read the full disclosure here.

So first, a little info on these! Sugarpill describes all their liquid lipsticks as “mousse-like” and that’s exactly what they are! The formula seems almost airy, as strange as it sounds. They’re not as drying or dense as Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks (which have awesome staying power, but dry my lips out like no tomorrow!). They’re also creamsicle scented, just like their bullet lipstick counterparts!

sugarpill cubby, nurse liquid poison review and swatches

We’ll start with the least unconventional of the group: Cubby and Nurse!

Cubby is a peachy-pink coral. I had to wait for the first layer to completely dry before putting on the second, otherwise it’ll just lift the first layer and make it ultra patchy. This wasn’t a problem with any of the other shades.

Nurse is a classic blue-based red. It has the best formula out of all the lipsticks in this post, and is really comfortable to wear (as far as liquid lipsticks go, that is). This only took one layer (!!!) to build up. If you love red lipsticks, definitely pick this one up!

sugarpill glint, shiver review and swatches

Shiver is a cobalt blue with shimmers. If you missed out on the limited release of Anastasia Beverly Hills Paint liquid lipstick, this one is the most similar in my collection! It ended up staining my lips, but to be fair all blues do.

Sugarpill does a gold lip justice with Glint, which is a warm metallic gold with sparkles. It’s more of an orange-gold than a true gold, but I think that makes it so much more flattering than a true gold.

The shimmers for both of these don’t show up right away, but once you wear them for a while (or press your lips together a few times or gently tap once set), they’ll appear! Shiver and Glint were also the most comfortable and mousse-like out of everything, but I find that Sugarpill’s shimmery lipsticks tend to feel more elastic (aka you can smile and you won’t feel like your lipstick will crack and flake off). They needed a heavier second coat to build it to full opacity, but like I said before, they feel very comfortable.

sugarpill spank, u4ea review

U4EA is a darkened matte teal. It goes on a bit patchy, but you can’t tell from a distance. This one felt the most drying on my lips, and like Shiver, it also left a stain. It takes a bit of effort to layer this one up nicely (which I obviously put close to none into, as you can see from the edges of my top lip).

Spank is a deep, blue-based violet. It’s a lovely color overall and also has a lovely formula! Not much else to say about this one, besides that purple is my favorite color.



Do you wear unconventional lip colors? What brands/colors are your favorites?

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