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Life, Lately: Star Wars Everything

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Long time no life update! Recently I’ve been really into Star Wars — like, really into it.

It all started when Michael wanted to play this Star Wars tabletop game called X Wing. I wasn’t really into it at first, but it’s a two-player game and he really wanted to play. So we started off by watching all the Star Wars movies in the span of a little over a week to hype us up for the game. And I loved them! (With the exception of Episode II, cause it’s a pretty shitty excuse of a love story.)

In the end it gave me the same feeling that watching and reading Harry Potter did, and nothing’s been able to match that before. It amazes me how over the span of 40 years, Star Wars is still going strong. We also didn’t realize that Leia was such a strong female character, especially since the first film was made in the 1970s!

star wars the last jedi ticket

(The next paragraph contains spoilers for The Last Jedi, though I tried to make it as obscure as possible. Still, I’d recommend to skip it if you haven’t seen it yet!)

We watched The Last Jedi in theatres and it was so good. I know everyone either loved it or hated it with nothing in between. Some people were criticizing that the film had no real plot, but I think that’s the beauty of it. We’re used to the films where the mission seems like it’s failing but then the characters find a miraculous way to succeed. Every single one of their missions failed, and it’s a breath of fresh air.

tie defender

So anyway, back to X Wing! It looks like a really complicated game, but it’s easy to understand when you get the hang of it and it’s a lot of fun! It’s kinda nerdy too, in the way that you have to meticulously measure out your flight path. The figures are beautifully detailed and I always feel bad about putting them back into their boxes. And there’s even a community dedicated to the game with tournaments and everything! It’s not the most cost-efficient since you have to buy the ships outside of the core set separately (We may or may not have added 10+ ships in our collection since we started playing it a month ago).

poe dameron comic

I picked up a Poe Dameron comic at a local comic book shop in Mississauga. The story is based on what happens before the beginning of the third trilogy, and the end of the first. There are other comics featuring other characters like Chewy and Han, but Poe is my favorite (mostly because he’s one of my favorite pilots to play in X-Wing, and BB8 is one of my favorites too!).

star wars moleskine

I got a Star Wars themed Moleskine, too! The purchase was 100% prompted by the X-Wing game since the cover has Tie Fighters, a Tie Advanced, and an X-Wing in battle. The pages are lined and I wish it was blank or sketchbook paper instead, but oh well. I’ll find a use for it eventually (I say this as I have a stack of unused notebooks sitting in a corner of my room).


Are you a Star Wars fan? What’d you think of The Last Jedi?

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  • Sam

    I literally haven’t seen anything from the star wars franchise, but it’s alll over my tumblr feed, so I know bits and pieces. At a holiday party one of the games we played was where you have a character name on your back and you have to ask yes or no questions to other people to figure out what character you are, and I had darth vader. I was like, great haha it’s the one franchise I know very little about compared to the other ones in the game!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • that holiday party game sounds like a lot of fun nonetheless! I hope it wasn’t just all star wars-centric, haha. do see at least rogue one! it’s the earliest in the timeline, though it was also made pretty recently so I think it’s a lot easier to follow along compared to the second movie in the timeline that was made in the 70s.

  • I usually like action films but Star Wars is one franchise I just can’t get into…I think it’s the sci-fi element and I’m typically not a fan of the genre (much to the disappointment of my husband). I did watch the last movie (the one before The Last Jedi) and enjoyed it, and hopefully we’ll get around to watching The Last Jedi soon as I heard it’s one of the best in the series!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • I tried watching star wars a few years ago but it was just too boring to me, haha. seeing it properly this time and actually getting into it, it’s a lot of fun! rogue one is pretty good too, it’s the first movie in the star wars timeline and it was made pretty recently too, so I think it’ll be easy to follow along. I hope you’ll enjoy the last jedi as much as I did! 😀

  • Zorica
  • My husband is a huge Star Wars fan but we haven’t got any time to watch the new one. 🙁 I like Star Wars but I grew up watching Star Trek so I prefer that. 🙂

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • haha! my mom is a big star trek fan, we watched it all the time when I was little! I hope you’ll find the time to watch the last jedi soon, it’s so good!

  • I’m a Star Wars fan but I’ve only watched 2 Star Wars films (Rogue One and The Force Awakens, yes the 2 newest of all..) so I don’t know if I can call my self a true Star Wars fan but nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed these 2 films!

    • who cares! you don’t need to see or know *everything.* as long as you enjoy it, you’re a fan 🙂

  • I’m not as into Star Wars as something like Harry Potter, but I’m still pretty familiar with the universe and have seen all the movies. I started with the old ones when I was a kid, and I remember seeing the first of the new ones in cinemas back when I was like 12 or so (around when the first Harry movie came out). My boyfriend is also really into Star Wars, so we went and saw the new one and although parts of it were good, there were a LOT of plot holes that really bugged me, and I think most of all when Leia basically flies through space on her own! Because I’m pretty into physics & cosmology it really bothered me because that’s so far from possible – like don’t ask me to suspend my disbelief that much, I know she’s got Jedi blood but she can’t defy the laws of physics, even if we’re in a universe where they have faster than light travel! Lol, anyway, aside from that Star Wars is an incredible franchise/story and that boardgame sounds super fun too!

    • lmao yeah, that leia scene seemed to bother a lot of people too! I was kind of surprised they didn’t just kill her off then since she won’t be in the next movie (i’m predicting they’ll kill her off early in the next movie, unless cgi is *that* good?!). a lot of people also argued that the finn/rose sideplot could have basically been emitted from the movie and it still would’ve made sense, but imo I think those failures were needed to make a point. or maybe i’m just defending star wars too much, haha. either way I don’t ship finn/rose (had to get that out of my system) but I also don’t ship rey/finn or kylo/rey LOL

  • Kim

    Oooh, I watched the new Star Wars movie with my family and everyone was telling me that it was either really good or really bad, so I was expecting to be on either camp by the time I walked out of the theatre. Surprisingly I kind of didn’t feel to strongly on either side. I totally agree with you that we’ve become used to having a fixed plot, and it was nice to see something different for a change! There were some parts that felt a bit odd (like Leia flying), but overall I enjoyed watching the film!

    • yeah, that leia scene bothered a lot of people cause you basically wouldn’t survive in space at all if your body was flung out like that :p I do enjoy the theory of the force being within her as a skywalker though, but I wonder what’s going to happen to her in the next film.