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Happy 2018, friends! I wasn’t planning on writing a post like this just because I don’t see the new year as a big deal. I’m not the type of person that believes in turning over a new leaf, starting a new chapter, having a blank slate – none of that. A few years ago, I stopped writing resolutions down because if there’s something I really want, I’d work for it right away and not wait for the new year to be like, “Oh shit, I never got this done last year! *adds to resolutions this year*” Nevertheless, I thought I’d share some of my ongoing goals as my way of jumping onto the bandwagon.

Creating quality makeup looks

Even though I’m lookin’ glam on the ‘gram (wow, someone hire me to write poetry and/or rap already), I prefer to be more of a potato in real life. I literally do my makeup for Instagram and wash it all off after I get my photos. The only exception is if I know I have somewhere to go, then I’ll leave it on until I get back home. Makeup to me is more of a creative outlet than looking pretty (though who says we can’t have both!). Sometimes I feel uninspired and take a week off with nothing to post and feel guilty about not posting. At other times I’ll spend the entire day doing 2 or 3 different makeup looks and feel overwhelmed with posting. Crazy, isn’t it?! I’ve been trying to balance it by creating more full-blown looks that I’m putting more effort into, so I can get away with posting a few times a week and feel okay with it.

Do more art

I grew up as an artist, but as I became older, I was hearing left and right that art wouldn’t make any money. It’s kind of funny that almost all the artists I follow has heard that at least a million times! I’d try getting back into art every now and again, an it would always be the same: practice hard for a few days, and then stop completely. I’m not sure what changed this time, but I’m practicing and “doing” art more and more consistently for the last few months. I particularly love lettering and drawing people, and I love it so much that I don’t see myself stopping out of nowhere like I used to. I’ll be sending out emails soon to local businesses and bloggers (if you’re reading this, you might be one of them!) offering my lettering services. I’ve always wanted to make a living – maybe a part time income for now – off my art. Contacting people to buy my art scares the shit out of me, but I can’t stay in my comfort zone forever.

Make more videos

This is something that I’m *so* on and off about. I love the end result of a video, but the actual filming is really hard for me, especially since eloquent speaking isn’t one of my talents. But you know what, I bet there’s tons of people that aren’t eloquent at speaking, too! I’ve been told that my way of speaking and mannerisms are charming and funny even though I don’t think so. I feel like other people always have a knack for finding the good in what we think are imperfections, and it’s such a beautiful thing. So yeah, more videos! I’m hoping to incorporate some more lifestyle and art things into it, too. I’m afraid it’ll be a bit of a hodgepodge of things, but hey, not everything has to be perfect!

Live with less clutter

I’ve been good about this for the most part – I’ve already stopped buying a lot of things I don’t need (refer to my conscious spending post for how I stopped spending frivolously). I did a good job at decluttering my closet, though to be honest the bags of clothes have just been sitting in my room. The rest of my things, though? Loads of stuff to sort through. Kim’s posts on curating her life are great as a guideline though, and I recommend reading through them!


What are your goals or resolutions?

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