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Another Glossier Haul

glossier haul

Is anyone getting tired of these Glossier hauls, yet? Glossier arrived to the UK recently and all my UK friends are chatting about it nonstop – for good reason! I’m lucky to be based in the US, so Glossier has been with us for a while. I bought a few things from their Black Friday sale (it’s taken me this long to blog about it?). Like most of the beauty things I’ve been buying recently, most of these are repurchases and backups.

glossier balm dotcom trio

Balm Dotcom

I already love the current Balm Dotcoms I already have, and I couldn’t help but to get the rose one for myself. I got the 3-pack so I could pick up a few Birthday ones for my friends up in Canada when I visit (I’m typing this up a week before it’s going to go live, so I’ll already be in Canada by the time you’re reading this!).

Boy Brow

Oh, Boy Brow… my first love from Glossier! Boy Brow fluffs up my brows and gives them a bit of natural volume for the no makeup-makeup days. And for the full glam days, it’s really nice as a finishing touch to add some extra dimension to the brows, especially since I use ABH Dipbrow and it makes my brows look quite flat/drawn on (that’s because they *are* drawn on, Becky) if you look closely. It’s quick and easy, and doesn’t take me any more than 30 seconds to put it on.

Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

I’m almost done my current Mega Greens, so I picked another one up. I’ve talked about this stuff when I first got it, and my verdict still stands: I freakin’ love it. It sucks out the extra oils and buildup from my skin without leaving it feeling as dry as other clay masks do. A must in any dry person’s routine!

glossier body hero oil

Milky Jelly Cleanser

Wait, did I say Boy Brow was my first Glossier love? Well, I think Milky Jelly Cleanser ties in first place. I talked about this about a year ago for a skincare routine, and I still love and use it to this day. It’s perfect for people with dry skin like me since it gently cleanses without stripping my skin like other cleansers do.

Body Hero Oil Wash

This last one is new to me! I’ve heard that Body Hero doesn’t dry out the skin, and this is perfect for me! It makes sense – it’s kind of like a cleansing oil for the body. It smells nice in the bottle, but when I step out of the shower it smells like I just came out of a swimming pool. Still, I like it a lot since it actually doesn’t dry out my skin!

Did you pick up anything from Glossier lately? What are some of your favorites from them?

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  • I’m still very much enjoying the novelty of being able to order Glossier over here in the UK, so my wishlist has grown to pretty much everything they have. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far – especially Boy Brow! I never get excited about body products but am keen to try the Body Hero Oil Wash – sounds perfect for winter.

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  • And here I am have yet to try anything from Glossier! LOL! This is a great haul!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  • Amy-Anne Williams

    I’ve never even trued anything from Glossier, but these products look awesome and I’d love to give them a go!

    Little Moon Elephant

  • Sam

    I looove their milky jelly cleanser; granted, it took me a while to like it, but now it’s one of my favorite cleansers to use. I was really intrigued when both body hero products came out, especially the oil, but my only concern is how long it would last me? Even though it’s 8 oz I believe, people always talk about how they need like 10 pumps to cover their body, so I can’t imagine it lasting very long. I’m debating about picking up priming moisturizer rich, because I’ve read a few reviews lately of people really loving it though!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

  • huhu their packaging is one of the best i’m so in love ♥

    i’m still waiting for the time i can spend on glossier because i think i’m so gonna get their boy brow, lip balm and blush (the cloud paint something?) the jelly cleanser is interesting too but i’m not sure how it’s gonna work on combination skin 🙁

  • It took me forever to get into Glossier but ugh I’m so in love with their Milky Jelly Cleanser, Boy Brow, and Balm Dotcom. I definitely plan on rehauling them when I run low and maybe try some of their other products too! The mask sounds great!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  • I just finished my first bottle of MJC and I did really like it, especially the texture. But I’m someone who gets very impatient and want to finish up products quickly so I think I’m a bit over it at the moment, especially with a couple of other cleansers to go through. I’m a big fan of the Cloud Paints though, so easy and so blendable… Same for most their makeup stuff, really like how lightweight it is. I think I want to try the masks next but I still have so many right now!

    Cherie ✿

  • These are all such great picks!! I picked up the BDC trio because I wanted that little package for gift guide photos, but mine came in just the 3 individual boxes 🙁 I recently picked up Zip so that I could have pretty much all of the Gen Gs haha. That’s so interesting you think you smell like a swimming pool tho LOL – I loveee the smell and don’t think it smells like that. Everyone’s different I suppose!

    Cindy |