November 2017 Birchbox

november 2017 birchbox review

As the last installment of my Birchbox trial… I think you’ll know what I think since I’m saying it’s the last. I’ll go with reviewing/making first impressions on the products included like usual, and have my final thoughts at the end.

November 2017 Birchbox

The Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Creme was my sample choice this month, and I’m kind of upset at myself since I didn’t actually read what it was. I assumed (don’t assume things like I did) it was a conditioner and thought that it’d be perfect to take along with for my upcoming trip to Toronto. Either way, it’s kind of similar in that it gives a protective layer in your hair, so I’ll still be taking this with me. I’ve always had a good experience with Briogeo, so that’s a plus. It smells nice and fruity, too!

I’ve mentioned that I don’t really use eye creams, and I haven’t made even a small dent in the last one Birchbox sent me. I was kind of excited for the Marcelle Hydra-C Eye Contour Gel-Cream though, since I’ve never heard of a gel formula for eye cream. This stung my eyes (to be fair, I’ve heard that most brands will not advise you to use this on your eyelid because it can get in your eye), so I think I’ll be avoiding this (because all the other eye creams I’ve tried don’t sting my eyes).

I don’t have any real initial thoughts about the Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask. It’s mostly because it’s a brand I haven’t heard of before. It smells pleasant though, and I think it could be a substitute for conditioner as well – yay for me!

As someone with a ton of lipsticks, the Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Driver’s Seat doesn’t really excite me. A regular consumer (that doesn’t own almost a million lipsticks) would probably be thrilled to see this, though – everyone seems to love Smashbox. I haven’t tried their liquid lipsticks before though, so this’ll be a good introduction to them. I just wish it wasn’t in such a basic (albiet safe) color that I probably already have a dupe for!

I’m gonna be super bitchy here: I’m *very* picky with fragrance, and I didn’t like the Tocca Emelia Eau de Parfum at all. When you fill out your beauty profile on Birchbox, they ask whether you’re okay with receiving fragrance samples. There’s a choice for “anytime” or “no more than 6 times per year.” If you have to ask that, it’s probably a good indication that most of them are… not okay with it? I’m disappointed that there isn’t even a survey for a preferred scent or note. Plus for this size, it’s something that you can easily get as a free sample. I’m docking major points for this since I’m kinda salty lol.

november 2017 birchbox

Final Thoughts

It’s safe to say that Birchbox isn’t for me. I’m pretty well-versed in cosmetics, so I already know what I like and dislike.  I’ve received a few things that I know for sure I wouldn’t use, and I’d like if there was an option to opt out of certain products entirely. Birchbox doesn’t cost a lot in the grand scheme of things, but I’d still rather put aside the money to spend it on something I know for sure I’ll love. And if I don’t, I always have the option of returning it!

Birchbox isn’t all that bad, though. It’d be great for someone who truly loves discovering new products, or if they’re just new to cosmetics in general. I’m reusing the cute boxes to store things in (they’ve been great for keeping my drawers organized and unaesthetically pleasing things out of sight) – but I can imagine it getting out of hand when they pile up.

What are your thoughts on Birchbox, or other subscription services? Are there any out there that you enjoy?

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  • Sam

    Makeupbyjesi on YouTube always has unboxing videos (she has like four subscriptions or something) that I like to watch, and while I wouldn’t use a subscription service, if I did I would probably try Boxycharm, I feel like I always see really cool stuff in their boxes. And I’d never heard of a gel formula for eye cream either until I saw Amy Serrano on YouTube (can you tell where I spend a lot of my time?) talk about the olay deep hydrating eye gel, which sounded really nice, especially under makeup. I know I said eye creams were “eh” to me, but I kinda want to try this one out, lol.

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • I highly recommend BoxyCharm, every box has wowed me so far and I’m a pain in the arse and difficult to be wowed. LOL!

  • I was not a fan of the Tocca perfume too. I got a sample of it through Sephora order and it was one of the crappiest perfume I’ve ever tried.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  • I much prefer subscription services that give you a bit more control over the things you receive! I cancelled my Birchbox years ago, shame to see that it’s not got any better since xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  • briogeo seems to be so hyped these days, isn’t it? both tati and kathleenlights love that brand. i never seen them in my local sephora so i don’t know how it performs (my local sephora sucks and is so boring) cmiiw, but that’s a heat protectant, right? it reminds me of my kerastase ciment thermique. heat protecting creme usually works wonders and i love them more than spray version! i feel like with creme, every strand of your hair will be coated unlike with spray – or maybe that’s just me?

    i never subscribed to birchbox or ipsy or boxycharm. there’s one or two subscription box for indonesian beauty bloggers but they’re not that popular. sometimes i feel like subscribing to one of these but hm…let’s wait til i have more bucks hahaha this is like committing to a relationship!

  • The smashbox liquid lipstick looks amazing!

    Vanessa x |

  • That lip colour looks stunning- great for everyday x

  • I got a couple of subscription boxes back in the day when they first launched and the same experience – super hit and miss products that aren’t at all tailored to what you like or want, but the boxes are v. convenient to have, haha. I got a mini of that Briogeo hair product a while back but still haven’t tried it out just because I have fine hair and I’m a bit worried it’ll weigh it down since the brand seems to be for curly haired girls? Idk though, maybe I should just give it a shot cause it might be really nice. And I actually got a mini of the same Smashbox liquid lipstick and I really like it! In saying that, I’ve owned about a million red lipsticks in my time, and hardly any nudes or neutral shades, so it’s definitely unique to me and I was half thinking about buying some nude liquid lipsticks when I got it, so it’s been great for me. But I can 100% see how it would be unexciting if you’ve already got lots of nudes that you chose for yourself because you love them. Totally agree that sub boxes are better for people who are new to beauty, or would be better in general if you got to choose what was in them and opt out of certain products because there’s always going to be things in there that are a total waste.

  • I’m curious about the smashbox lipcream, because it looks wearable for everyday makeup. Wonder if it looks good on the lips as well!


  • I’ve heard good things about those smashbox lipsticks!! To be fair though, it’s probably it something I’d be super excited about either. And I serisouly think fragrance samples are the worst thing that they put in subscript boxes!