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Simple Everyday Makeup

everyday makeup - bobbi brown corrector in light peach, coverfx custom enhancer drops in halo, bite beauty multistick in cashew, benefit watts up, glossier boy brow

I do a lot of bold and unconventional makeup on Instagram, but I prefer wearing something light and simple on the daily. No makeup-makeup actually used to be a full face sans eye makeup, bold brows and heavy contour included. Nowadays I like something quick and easy – my everyday face usually takes about five minutes! What a long way I’ve come, huh?

Who hasn’t talked about the CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops? I’m sure you’ve heard about these at one point or another. Everyone says the same thing, but it’s true: while it’s expensive, you really don’t need a lot. I’ve been mixing one or two drops of Halo into my moisturizer for an all-over glow. This one in particular gives the skin a bluish tint in certain lights (I swear it’s not as bad as it sounds), but it’s not too noticeable once everything else is layered on. If you prefer something more natural, they have an excellent range of shades that I think would suit all skin tones.

The Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach has been a staple of mine for years – I can’t even count how many of these I’ve repurchased! If you have dark undereye circles like I do (and no, getting more sleep/drinking more water/rubbing coconut oil all over them doesn’t help), it’s the perfect thing to cover them up with. It’s not as potent as a concealer, but it neutralizes just enough to make me look bright and awake while still letting some of my natural skin shine through.

I used to be a hater when it came to cream blush, and now I love them! The Bite Beauty Multistick in Cashew is my go-to out of the… shameful four that I own, because I definitely don’t need that many. It gives such a luminous finish without being shimmery or glittery. Everyone has different ways to use these, but I like swiping a little bit on the back of my hand and using my finger to tap them on my cheeks. I pat whatever’s left over onto my lips for a bit of color – definitely a multi-use product!

When it comes to highlighter, I like to tone it down a bit when it comes to everyday makeup. It looks a little weird when I’ve got a natural face going on with a blinding highlight – though if it’s something you like, go right on ahead! Cream highlighters are great because they give off a soft finish, and it’s quite hard to go overboard. Benefit’s Watt’s Up! highlighter is currently my go-to. It’s a little more luminous than the rest of the cream highlighters in my collection while still being subtle. The Mars Holographic Stick from Milk Makeup is also great if I want something a little more unique, since it shifts to a pretty pink in certain lighting.

Glossier’s Boy Brow in Black is the perfect finishing touch since it naturally defines and gives my brows a bit of dimension. It’s literally the easiest brow product to use. Just swipe it through your brows a few times and you’re done – no preciseness required! I’ve purchased this a few times already, too. Shop through my referral link for 10% off your order!


What are your everyday makeup go-tos?


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