Current Shampoo & Conditioner Rotation for Dry Hair

Can you believe it’s the end of October already?! It seemed like October started only a week ago! Anyway, blogging on a consistent basis is hard sometimes, especially if you’re someone like me that doesn’t often go out to buy the newest products frequently. So I’m working with what I already have for today: my shampoo and conditioner rotation! I’m dry from my head to my toes, so keep in mind that this selection is catered towards that.


I picked up the Living Proof Restore Shampoo per the recommendation of Sam – I swear that girl can get me to try anything at least once. It’s a good shampoo overall, and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny without weighing it down. Do I like it enough to repurchase after I’m done? At the price point of $28 a bottle, it’s… debatable. I’m thinking of trying the VERB Ghost Shampoo next, since I’ve heard good things about the brand in general.

I got the Lush Godiva shampoo bar based on scent alone. It smells just like jasmine, which was a very prominent scent to me growing up. I guess it was pure nostalgia, haha. Anyway, back to the shampoo – I was surprised at how nourishing it was the first time I used it! I completely skipped conditioner, wondering how well it would fare on its own. Later on, I read on the website that it was designed to be a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, and guys… this one actually does both. Perfect for traveling – and it doesn’t come in plastic packaging which is great for the environment! It leaves a bit of buildup though, which I expected from such a hydrating shampoo.

I’m all about that volume, and the Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo does just that. It makes my hair feel lightweight, too. Even though my hair feels greasy around day 4 or 5, it doesn’t look greasy with this shampoo. Does it smell gross? Probably. Since it’s designed to be volumizing, it can be drying if I use it too often. Sometimes I’ll use the Living Proof or Lush  shampoo first, and follow up with this one for the second lather. I’ll usually shampoo my roots with this one since that’s where it gives the most volume.


The first thing that drew me to the VERB Hydrating Conditioner was the price – it’s very reasonable at $16 compared to the other shampoos on Sephora! It gives a much thicker coating on my hair than any other conditioner I’ve tried, but doesn’t weigh it down. This is the newest to my rotation and I haven’t used it enough to form a solid opinion, but I do like it.

The DermOrganic Intensive Hair Repair Masque is everything I could ask for in a conditioner! It leaves my hair feeling slick and moisturized, yet lightweight at the same time. And the smell? Heavenly. The only con is that after some time, the pump just stopped working. I’ve purchased this twice, and it happened both times. I might just empty the bottle into another container if I decide to repurchase this after I’m done with this and the VERB conditioner.


What are your favorite shampoos and conditioners?

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