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Life, Lately: Growing Mint, New Shoes, & Affiliate Links

It’s been a while since a life update! I should probably do these a little more regularly, though I do have the tendency to stockpile things.

First off – I’m going to Toronto again! This time I’m staying for a month over Michael’s winter break, and I’m so excited! Luckily I can get away with bringing less clothing with me since he has a washer. Definitely bringing more makeup so I can continue doing all sorts of crazy things with them. And this blog… I’m thinking of taking a lot of pictures at home, and bringing them with me so I can edit and write there, too.


Dvsn finally released Morning After, a new album! Michael and I were wondering when they were going to drop a new album, since they released a few singles here and there earlier this year. Some of my favorite songs from the album are Keep Calm, Morning After, Can’t Wait, and Claim. It seems like they’re gaining more and more popularity and I’m so happy for that!

I’m trying for the third time to grow and take care of mint. My first one died of mildew. My best friend and I got our mint plants together (my second, his first) and his is thriving off his balcony to this day. Mine grew these super tiny leaves and then stopped growing altogether. He snipped off a few cuttings for me so I can try growing them again. Maybe I need a bigger pot with more sunlight? Or maybe move into an apartment with a balcony? Perhaps move my plant to my bff’s place so he can take care of it for me?

white converse

When it comes to trends, I’m probably the last person to follow them. And then all of a sudden, I wanted a pair of white shoes. I have a ton of black boots in my collection, so getting a pair of white sneakers is a big deal for me!! It only made sense to get a pair of white Converse – they’re such a classic shoe. I have to admit that they look okay after getting dirty, too – please tell me I’m not the only one?

I’ve always wanted to cook more. Now that I’m literally home all the time, I have no excuse not to (oh yeah, I quit my job lol). The things I’ve been cooking and baking are fairly easy to make – no new recipes from me yet. Either way, it’s so nice to have homecooked meals all the time now, and especially since I’m spending a lot less on food outside!

Lastly, I decided to start using affiliate links. Blogging as part-time job of sorts has always been a little dream of mine. A tip I often hear from bigger bloggers and influencers is to never start with the intent of making money. I actually disagree! Many small businesses started with the dream of making money doing what they love. As long as blogging is genuinely something you want to do and succeed at, why should it be any different?

Of course, I think there’s a right and wrong way of doing it. I already link the products I talk about out of convenience to easily find it. So why not make a little bit of money doing it? I wrote up a little disclaimer if you’d like to read it here.

What’s happening in your life, lately?

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