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milk makeup: the a team

milk makeup the a team review

You guys, cream makeup has taken my world by storm. I just love how seamlessly they blend into my skin. They’re so convenient to travel with, and blend beautifully with just my fingers and maaaaybe a Beauty Blender on some occasions. That means less brushes to pack and more space for makeup in my luggage, right?

milk makeup the a team review

Milk Makeup the A Team

Milk Makeup The A Team features a set of six miniatures of their bestselling sticks. It’s a Sephora exclusive, retailing at $39 with a value of $84. That breaks down to $6.50 per item, which I think is a pretty good deal. Here’s what’s included:

  • Cooling Water
  • Blur Stick
  • Matte Bronzer in Baked
  • Highlighter in Lit
  • Holographic Stick in Mars
  • Glitter Stick in Techno

milk makeup the a team review

milk makeup the a team review

The cool thing about Cooling Water is that it literally feels like I’m gliding cool water in stick form all over my face. Another form of witchcraft? Probably. It lightly hydrates; I need to supplement with another moisturizer or oil afterwards. Not a problem for me, though – I regularly layer my skincare anyway. It tugs on my skin, but using a facial spray beforehand (my favorite is the Mario Badescu Rosewater spray) helps it glide a lot more smoothly. It doesn’t spread, so it’s hard to tell sometimes which areas I’ve already applied it to. Maybe the full size is easier to use – this is a mini, after all.

I mentioned before that I use hydrating primers, so Blur Stick is new for me! I’m a woman of habit though, and I’m not reaching for this often. The texture feels like I left it uncovered for days, though it just needs some warming up. It tugs on the skin a lot harder than Cooling Water does, and I also can’t tell where I’ve already applied it to.

Matte Bronzer in Baked looked so orange when I first put it on, but it looks a lot better once it’s blended in. It’s super creamy and blends easily for a natural, lit-from-within finish even though it’s matte. Unfortunately if your skin is darker, this might not work for you since it’s pretty light.

Highlighter in Lit is your everyday, run-of-the-mill champagne highlight. It’s not special by any means, but I’m starting to run out of Benefit’s Watt’s Up! highlighter so this will be a good replacement. It doesn’t completely dry down, but I don’t mind it since I don’t often set my face to begin with. It gives off a subtle wet sheen, too!

Pinky highlighters are my favorite, and Holographic Stick in Mars is no exception! It’s not *actually* holographic, but it shifts to an absolutely gorgeous pink. It’s a little more subtle than Lit is, but I am liviiiiing for that subtle glow. The formula is similar to Lit in the sense that it doesn’t completely dry down, and has a slight sheen to it.

If you love glitter and rainbows and holo, look no further! If you know me, full-blown glitter *is* considered an everyday look. Still, the Glitter Stick in Techno would be stunning with natural or neutral makeup. It’s a bit grainy but hey, what do you expect from glitter? Like the last two highlighters, this one doesn’t dry down completely as well. It also looks like the full size of this is exclusive to the Milk Makeup website, so it’s nice to get it in this little set.

milk makeup the a team swatches - milk makeup matte bronzer baked, milk makeup mars, milk makeup lit, milk makeup techno

L – R: Matte Bronzer in Baked, Highlighter in Lit, Holographic Stick in Mars, Glitter Stick in Techno

Final Thoughts

Personally, I would’ve liked to see a blush in replacement of the Blur Stick since not everyone needs a blurring primer. It would’ve been cool if Milk did separate sets for the lighter and darker bronzer too, even though I can’t say for certain that their darkest shade will match the darkest skin tones. On the bright side, the highlighters look lovely on darker skin tones from the swatches I’ve seen – they seem to pop even more! Either way, if you’re new to Milk Makeup or interested in cream makeup and want to start somewhere, this is a good set to start with.

I did a lil’ first impressions on this set when I first got The A Team. If you’re interested to in my first impressions and try-on, give the video a click!

Have you tried anything from Milk Makeup? What are your thoughts?

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