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Lush Sympathy for the Skin

lush sympathy for the skin review

Autumn is here, and that means shifting my skincare and body products to adapt to the colder months. I tend to pamper myself more, since my dry skin only gets drier and needs that extra care so I don’t flake off everywhere. I recently repurchased Sympathy for the Skin, my all-time favorite body lotion – so I thought while it’s still nice and brand new (even though I already got smudgy marks on the lid), I’d pop out a review for it.

lush sympathy for the skin review

lush sympathy for the skin review

Sympathy for the Skin is by far the most hydrating body lotion I’ve come across. It’s full of oxymorons – feels light but goes on a bit greasy, goes on greasy but sinks in quickly, has a runny texture but feels super rich and moisturizing. It keeps me decently hydrated until I wash it off, and feels lightweight throughout the night and the next day. Look closely and you can see specks of vanilla – a little touch that I love!

AND it smells like banana custard. Don’t eat it though, no matter how tempting – I may or may not have licked myself after rubbing this in and I wouldn’t recommend. All hypothetical, of course. (What I will recommend, however, is taking a lick of any of the Too Faced chocolate themed products. Yum!) I vaguely remember someone telling me that whenever they put Sympathy on, their dog would come over to lick her. If it means all the dogs will flock to me, I’m slathering this all over my body, all the time, even when I don’t need it.

Sympathy for the Skin retails at $29.95 for an 8.4 oz tub. I’ve repurchased it a handful of times already, though I only do it seasonally. My skin is fine in the warmer months, so there’s no need for a luxury body lotion at that time. Pricey, yes – but it’s worth it for all its benefits.

Have you tried Sympathy for the Skin? What are some of your favorite body lotions?

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