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smorgasburg 2017

Okay, wow – this is a long overdue post! I’ve been meaning to write about Smorgasburg least three months ago, when Michael visited me back in May. But as you know (or don’t know), I struggled a lot with blogging back then. That can go into a whole other blog post though – for now, let’s focus on Smorgasburg!

If you aren’t familiar with Smorgasburg, it’s a daytime food market with over 100 local vendors. We went to the one in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and there’s another location in Williamsburg as well. One of the reasons I love being in New York City is because we’re so diverse, and it definitely reflected in a lot of the food here! They had food from China, Taiwan, Mexico, Spain, and of course American as well – you name it, there’s a good chance that they have it!

Our first stop was Baonanas – and I only remembered the name of this place because of the business card. They sell custard, and it tasted exactly like pound cake and custard, nothing spectacular. I think it would’ve earned some brownie points if it was frozen.

Do you like that ~garbage bag aesthetic~ in the background? I don’t remember what this is or where it was from, though it was $5 or $6 and it wasn’t worth it. Tasty yes, but worth it, no. I’m pretty sure most of these places jacked up their regular prices for an event like this.

I also distinctly remember the price for this strawberry cheesecake popsicle – $6. Again, not worth it. It was literally made in a paper cup and we watched the guy peel it off before handing this to us. Call me a jerk, but I’d at least expect it to at least look like a popsicle.

Jianbing at $9 or $11. Once again, not worth it for the price (are you seeing a pattern here?). It was pretty cool seeing them make it though, and even cooler to see them crack an egg in it and cooking it on top of the batter. I’m easily amused.

Normally I love churros, but after eating mostly desserts, it was just kind of meh. I think this might’ve been around $8 – $12?

We bought a pink lemonade as well – I think they named it cherry blossom lemonade? But really, it just tasted like regular lemonade. Apparently pink lemonade is a psychological thing. It’s actually just regular lemonade colored with red food dye or cranberry juice, but the pink color makes us think it tastes sweeter. Oh, and the donut at the beginning of this post! It was from Dough if I remember correctly, and the most reasonably priced thing at $3.50 or $3.75. Totally worth it.

I hate to say this, especially since Smorgasburg has a cult following among foodies – but it was kind of just… whelming. We spent a little more than $40 between the two of us, and neither of us were decently full by the end of it. And the crowds… don’t even get me started. It could’ve easily rivaled Times Square. I’m glad I went here for the experience, but I wouldn’t go back because the overpriced food and crowds just weren’t worth it for me.

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