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current reading list, batgirl the new 52 knightfall descends

Call me a basic bitch, but I really love leg photos like this. Hey, at least I don’t have a PSL as a prop too (but honestly, that’s only because I’m in bed and it’d have a high chance of tipping over).

So uh, wow, a post that isn’t beauty or life updates related?! Can I even call myself a lifestyle blogger when I don’t write much about my lifestyle and barely go outside to do things? Probably not, but I’m still dreaming, so I’m going to lie to myself fake it until I make it. Snagged this idea off Kate, though I’ve seen a handful of other bloggers doing similar posts.

current reading list, our kind by marvin king, complications by atul gawande, batgirl the new 52 by gail simone

Manage your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind | Here’s a classic example of old me – putting things in just for the sake of doing it. I’ve had this book in my sight for years since it was left behind by my sister, but I don’t think I’ll actually get to reading it. Like, ever. So yeah, this is only here because I thought “hey, more content!” – and then realized I was only kidding myself. Also because I don’t want to retake these pictures because I’m pretty darn happy with how they came out.

Complications by Atul Gawande | This is a book I thought I wouldn’t like, but I’m currently reading it on my train ride to and from work and the gym. We often think of surgeons as geniuses or almost even gods, being able to slice up a body, remove or fix whatever’s causing it harm, and sewing it back up. What we don’t think about surgery is that it’s an imperfect science, and that it’s usually practiced on humans, by humans. We aren’t perfect, and neither are surgeons. It’s a very eye-opening book, and I’ve learned a lot of “insider” things that go on in a surgeon’s world. Even if you’re not going into medicine, I highly recommend this one.

Our Kind by Marvin Harris | It’s a book that can can easily go in one ear (eye?) and out the other, but once I really focus on reading it’s actually very interesting! It goes through things like why we do the things we do, from eating meat to homosexuality to warfare. I actually came across this from Reddit from a guy that was explaining why east Asians are usually lactose intolerant, while the rest of the world is not. It’s a really easy read because it’s in the form of essays, so even though the book looks big, half of it is filler pages. He also has this witty sense of humor that I really appreciate in a book like this.

Batgirl Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection by Gail Simone | My partner got me into comics when I visited him recently, and gave me a decent stack of ones he thinks I’d enjoy. I bought The Darkest Reflection, and he had Knightfall Descends (turns out he also had The Darkest Reflection, but I bought it and didn’t find out until later and he didn’t tell me because he forgot). It’s written by Gail Simone, and she’s noted as one of the strongest female voices in comics. I love how Simone’s narrative leaves a mark; it’s like you’re feeling what Barbara/Batgirl is feeling. I love the art, too – classic, dark, gritty.  The only complaint I’d have is that the motives for the villains…. are kind of stupid. Other than that, it’s a book that I genuinely want to take my time reading and appreciating, and I haven’t come across something that has that effect on me in a very long time.

Is there anything on your reading list? What are some books that you enjoy?

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