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cocofloss strawberry review

Who would be bonkers enough to spend $8 on a single pack of dental floss…? This girl, of course.

I’ve had my fair share of shitty floss. Some are really thick, and not coated well enough so that I’m afraid it might uproot a tooth or two when I yank it out. Others leave little fibers in the crevices of my teeth that are annoyingly hard to get out (do I try to floss my floss out?). And the one I was using before was so slippery and literally made it so hard to floss because it just kept slipping out of my fingers.

I’ve been seeing Cocofloss’s ads floating around on Instagram for a while and of course, thought it was another one of those hippie items. (Have you seen those $80 crystal water bottles that’ll ~harness the balancing energy of positivity~ and $38 tubs of coconut oil that are the equivalent of the ones you buy from the grocery store for $8?) As someone who only flosses regularly the week leading up to a dental checkup, I thought hey, maybe some luxury floss can trick me into flossing every day!

cocofloss strawberry review

cocofloss strawberry review

Cocofloss is thick but coated, and it’s weirdly satisfying to have it kind of “pop” right in between the teeth before gliding into the little nooks and crannies. That being said, if you have tighter spacing between your teeth, this might not work for you. It doesn’t cut into my gums, which happens with pretty much every floss I use. To be fair, it’s because I’m not flossing consistently and it goes away after regular use. But at the same time, I used this when I haven’t flossed for weeks (oops) and not a single cut! I also appreciate that the packaging has a little reminder of when to repurchase so you’ll never run out, but on the flipside it’s probably just a prompt to repurchase it.

The floss itself is made of hundreds of fibers and infused with coconut oil, but it doesn’t feel oily. It actually has a really nice grip, and even some of the “grippier” dental flosses I’ve tried don’t compare to the one of Cocofloss. I’ve also noticed that it takes out more plaque than the standard floss, which I think excites me the most. (Does anyone else get fascinated looking at plaque on floss? Just me? Okay.) The fibers in Cocofloss supposedly act like a loofah to scrub out plaque and little bits of food, unlike other flosses that just kind of slip and slide around. It’s colored turquoise blue so you can clearly see how much gunk you’re getting out, and they come in different flavors that deviate from the standard mint to ~elevate your flossing experience~.

Of course, the only negative thing I have to say about it is the price – these run for $8 each and contain less floss than their drugstore cousins, though you can save a little bit by buying in packs of 3 directly on the Cocofloss website. They’re also available on Sephora, though only in single packs.

To wrap this post up, this is something I’d never expect anyone to say: I now enjoy flossing.

Have you tried Cocofloss? What are your thoughts on it?

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  • I hate flossing but this might just change my mind about it! I wonder how much it is in C$ or if it’s even available on Sephora Canada.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

    • I hope so! because if anything, you can return it if you don’t use it as often as you’d like 🙂

  • I’ve never tried them, I always use Glide as the gaps in my teeth are tiny lol!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    • if it works, it works! no need to fix anything that isn’t broken 🙂

  • I’ve never tried cocofloss but think I should give it a try because it sounds like a fun way to floss =o)

    • definitely more fun than regular old floss!

  • I’m so bad at flossing. I seriously only do it if I have to go to the dentist! I haven’t seen this Cocofloss before, but I want it hahaha.
    Also, to be honest, that crystal water bottle just made me drool. I wouldn’t pay $80 for it, but I need that hippie stuff

    • haha, same! Sometimes I don’t even floss before I go and they reprimand me on not flossing lol.

      I absolutely love crystals and things as jewelry and decor, but as a water bottle for $80… no thanks!

  • I didn’t expect this would be offered at Sephora. lol I don’t think I would pay that much for floss. I am curious about it though.

    • right?! I was going to buy it of amazon or the cocofloss site, but when i googled cocofloss… bam, it was at sephora! lucky it is too, in case I didn’t use it often I can always return it easily.

  • Sam

    I’ve seen this floss errryywhereeee! It looks so pretty but $8 is really expensive, considering I get those little floss picks (cause I’m hella lazy) at the dollar store. At least these actually perform well though – I see a lot of everyday stuff like this (not that I floss everyday, sue me) with prettier packaging and double or triple the price & it doesn’t seem like it’d be that much better.

    sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • I’ve seen it all over Instagram for sure, mostly thanks to their ads though haha. But I feel like luxury anything gets our attention, you know? I’ve even seen a rise in health supplements geared towards beauty. The pretty packaging was definitely something that drew me in haha! Especially since a lot of flosses are in plain white/mint packaging!

  • Haha thats so weird!!! Looks super cute though crazy expensive for floss haha

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

    • Isn’t it?! I swear there’s like a shift from having drugstore things geared more towards beauty enthusiasts/influecers!

  • love the packaging. sounds like a cool product.
    The Glossychic

  • I have to admit that I hate flossing, and only do it before the dreaded dentist checkup, but I think these just might change my mind! I’m also fascinated by seeing the floss pick out plaque, so you’re not alone 😛

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • Haha! I think you’ll really like this, and I’d highly recommend it if you could get it somewhere you could easily return if it doesn’t work out for you. I’ve been flossing almost every day, except for when I’m super tired and I just want to go to bed, haha.

  • That’s so funny, I didn’t even know fancy floss existed because it seems like such a non-sexy purchase that no one would find fun in, but apparently now there’s fun floss! I have to admit I’d probably be a bit tempted by the different flavours, especially if they did them in those little individual flossing sticks because they’re way easier to use than traditional floss.

    • right?! usually cosmetics makes us feel good, and floss is just one of those ordinary products that we should do but probably nobody (except maybe dentists and hygienists) do! the different flavors definitely amps up the fun factor, and I’m happy to report I’ve been dutifully flossing almost daily!

  • (Literally never heard of Cocofloss but I just came for the cute packaging aesthetics and L M A O WHAT IS THAT WATER BOTTLE. I AM SO INTRIGUED AND CONFUSED AS TO WHO IS SPENDING $100 FOR A WATER BOTTLE FOR A CRYSTAL IN IT. I LOVE RICH PEOPLEs’ SPENDING HABITS)