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lush buffy body butter review

Look at me, recycling posts! I actually did a review for this ages back, but it’s been deleted since I wanted nothing to do with my old blog posts. I did a little Lush haul recently and it included a bar of Lush’s Buffy body butter – it’s spankin’ new so it’s the perfect opportunity for photos and a review. So, if you’re wondering if my feelings have changed for Buffy – they haven’t!

lush buffy body butter review

Buffy is an in-shower, 2-in-1 body butter and exfoliator. Usually I’m skeptical of double-use products, and I blame 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners because that shit does not work. But, Buffy is a different story! It’s made with a shea butter base to moisturize, with a suspension of almonds (yum), rice (also yum), and beans (not so yum) to exfoliate. This is great for lazy girls like me since you get so many benefits: exfoliated, moisturized, and delicious smelling skin without having to step out into the cold after a warm shower.

Lush recommends to rub the bar into wet skin and rinse, but that yields spotty coverage, and too much coverage in those areas. So I do things differently ’cause I’m just a bit of a rebel. Instead of rubbing it into wet skin, I lather up lightly – but don’t rinse! – rub the bar in streaks all over my body, and then rub whatever’s on my body in with my hands. I’ve found that the body butter has a smooth glide from the soap, gets evenly distributed, and leaves the perfect amount on. Also use less than you think you need, because this stuff is concentrated and will turn you into a greaseball if you’re not careful! And yeah, rinse of course – we don’t want to step out of the shower with bits of exfoliant and shower gel left on us!

Another recommendation is to turn off your damn water… which is something you should be doing anyway, because you don’t need it when you’re exfoliating. There are a lot of complaints on the review section on the Lush website that the bar only lasts like, 3 uses or melts away quickly in the shower. Since it’s made with shea butter, it’ll melt with heat. If you leave your hot shower on, it’s just going to melt away more product than you’re using! I can confidently say that with turning off your shower and lathering up before using this, my bars have lasted me more than 20 uses.

I’ve repurchased Buffy over and over again – probably around 5 times already? It’s one of my all-time favorite products. I like using this every time I wash my hair (but take note, I wash my hair every 5 to 7 days, and I don’t actually use this in my hair…) for a boost of moisture.

lush buffy body butter review

This is the aftermath of the current one I’m using after an an atrociously warm hot summer. Buffy actually melted into a pool of oil a few times, and got mushy a few times more. See the little dent in the left right (I can’t directions) piece? It was mushy because of the heat, so I scooped some out with my finger to use. It was hard to get it out of the container when it hardened up again (this one is in an empty body scrub container) and I had to crack it down the middle with a screwdriver to get it out. So be sure to keep it in a container especially if you’re in a warm climate, but it’s a good idea overall since it will get messy.

Have you tried Buffy before? What are some of your favorite body lotions and butters?

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  • Sam

    Every time I go on the lush site I see this baby but I’m not one for bars in my shower (or in general, really) so I haven’t tried this. To exfoliate I use a coconut oil and brown sugar which I do before my shower so the water’s not on, which I agree, is so unnecessary when exfoliating! Plus my St Ives sea salt body wash has a little bit of exfoliating stuff in it that’s super gentle on my skin, so I like using that too.

    I’ve made it a mission of mine to finish up all my body lotions that I’ve had over the years (yup, YEARS) and I wouldn’t say any of them are worthy enough to be favorites. They kinda just do the job, which is all I really need anyway. Once I’m done with them I’d really like to try a few body lotions/butters from lush, though! I remember seeing a lavender scented one, perfect for nighttime. & Other Stories has some scents I’d like to try too, like Moroccan Tea or Topanga Waves!

    • The sugar + coconut oil sounds like such a moisturizing combo, and it sounds perfect in the shower since coconut oil is, well, oily haha. I tried it out as a body lotion once and it just left me feeling like a greaseball, I much prefer adding it into my actual body lotions when I need a boost of moisture.

      Years??! I find that mine usually last me anywhere between 4 or 5 months to a year before they start smelling funny, so I guess that’s a good incentive to not buy anymore until I finish up the current one. I just checked & other stories and their beauty stuff is actually… affordable? compared to their clothing LOL but I must admit that if they’re of good quality and last a long time, then it’s absolutely worth!

  • Honestly I am not the biggest fan of Lush because I find a lot of their products are just okay and overpriced but I do trust you so I’ll pick this up the next time I come across Lush store. xx

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

    • I can cut off a piece of the new bar for you too LOL I haven’t sent out the package yet hahahah

  • I need this! I haven’t tried anything like this before but you totally sold me. I want it, and I’ll going to have to look for it next time I’m in a lush store! My face bars from Lush got all melty too…so I keep them in a container like you do for this haha!

    • LUSH HAS FACE BARS?? I feel like they really do have everything and more you could dream of. It smells soooo good too, just like almonds + that “lush” scent that I just can’t describe haha!

      • Yessss and they are so amazing!! They have two different ones and they are one of the best face cleansers I’ve ever used!

  • okay first of all, i like your new blog header! it’s so cute and much more sweeter than before. the previous one gives a bolder graffiti vibe while this one is sweeter and more feminine. i like both but this one is a fresh change! 😀

    wait, an in-shower body butter? now THAT is something i’ve never heard of before! Lush is always filled with interesting stuff (sobs) so sad i can’t get any of them here 🙁
    and speaking of 2 in 1 products, i don’t trust them at all! 2-in-1 shampoos are nightmare and filled with liiiiees. i once tried a 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner and i got dandruff, tsk. the only 2-in-1 product i trust and use currently is the pigeon 2 in 1 hair and body wash – i use it as a soap though but it works for sensitive skin regardless.

    the thing with bar shaped products is that sometimes, i feel like they are not very hygienic. this includes bar soap too. i get that bar soaps contain lesser chemicals as opposed to liquid ones (which means they’re good for sensitive skin) but i cannot stand bar products! i don’t get why, lol. even if i have the container to store it in, i still don’t like it :))
    if Buffy melts and turn into that last photo above, it’s still usable, isn’t it? i think i’d love it more if it melts down like that as opposed to having it stiff in bar shaped form, if that makes sense. because then, it will look like your usual body scrub! xD

    i’ve never tried Buffy or any Lush products ;A; my favorite body butter is the almond milk & honey from the body shop (including the body scrub from the same range!) and my fave lotions, uh… let see…i like TBS almond milk & honey lotion too but i’m currently enjoying St. Ives coconut & orchid body lotion because COCONUT IS HEAVENLY (even though i don’t like the “fruit”, i like the smell of it) another body lotion that i love is probably the cedar wood lotion from innisfree (*o*)

    • hehe, thank you!! It’s a bit janky because I can’t use illustrator/pen tool for shit LOL but it’ll get better with practice right?!

      I really hope lush can come back to you!! I’d mail all the goodies to you if I could but shipping is expensive and I’m not made of $$ 🙁 the shampoo I bought from them recently is actually a 2 in 1 too LOL and when I used it the first time I’m like huh, this feels moisturizing enough for my hair, I won’t condition and i’ll see what happens and then I look on the product page out of curiosity and boom, it’s actually a 2 in 1!

      I’ve heard that as long as it’s dry in between uses it should be fine? iirc bacteria can’t grow on surfaces that aren’t wet (though it does contain shea butter that melts……) but yeah, I’ve heard that’s the reasons why preservatives are actually important in lotions and liquid shampoos/shower gels. and yeah it’s totally useable! it just has to harden back when it gets cooler 🙂

      you’re making me want to go back to tbs LOL I remember loving some of their scents, especially the olive one. I personally am the opposite, I love the fruit but hate the smell in cosmetics and candy if it’s that artificial coconut scent hahah

      • fun tip if you have a drawing tablet, try it without using the pen tool! i feel like raw handwriting will feel more personal and i just like it on a personal level. and don’t worry, i hate using pen tool too! it’s the reason why i don’t do vector shit on illustration :))

        omg i tried smelling the TBS olive body butter and i cringed. my nose was scrunched lol i guess i don’t like it. i know a lot of people say it’s super moisturizing and will benefit dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin (yay me!) but i can’t stand the smell! you should give the almond milk & honey range a try though! it’s worth it!! *nudge nudge wink wink*

  • I haven’t tried this product yet and it sounds amazing. A body butter + exfoliater?! I want it 🙂

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  • I haven’t tried this before, but oh my god it sounds really good! I love Lushs’ products and I have been after a new body butter, so I’ll have to try this out! Great tip about not leaving the shower running, but then again I never leave the shower on when I’m exfoliating haha! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • I’ve never tried this before but it sounds fab, I’ll add it to my list!

    Lauren x Huggled

  • Ooo, an in shower body butter and exfoliator? As someone super lazy when it comes to body care, this sounds like something I could definitely use! Great tip about turning off the water while using this though, as I can definitely see it melting fast when used under hot water. Will have to check this out when I’m at Lush next time!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  • buffy the dead cells slayer lmao this is so intriguing! i never really found a body exfoliant that actually moisturizes so i think i might try to get this. it’s a bummer that it melts so easily 🙁

    oot but it does look like a butter. and now i’m hungry e__e

    • lmfao that’s what I always think of when I see buffy cause I grew up watching the show :p yeah it sucks when it’s in hot heat, buuuut as long as you keep it in a container it’s fine! I’ve been able to scoop some out when it’s melty and it works just as well too. I’m typing this out in the morning before breakfast so I’m hungry too, if only we can get breakfast/brunch together (and ignore time zones) haha~

  • I haven’t but will try one because of your review 🙂

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • The Sunday Mode

    Not kidding, I’m watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the background while I read this post…

    Anyway this body butter sounds awesome and it’s been on my radar for a while now, I love 2 in 1 products that actually work!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • Haha! Maybe this one is Buffy the Skin Savior? I absolutely recommend it! It’s been a favorite for years 🙂

  • Think I need to try this if you’ve repurchased it so often!! Sounds super lovely!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  • Wildfire Charm

    This sounds amazing. I haven’t tried Buffy before but I need to especially in the winter! You can get their tins to keep it from melting away. x

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