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lush buffy body butter review

Look at me, recycling posts! I actually did a review for this ages back, but it’s been deleted since I wanted nothing to do with my old blog posts. I did a little Lush haul recently and it included a bar of Lush’s Buffy body butter – it’s spankin’ new so it’s the perfect opportunity for photos and a review. So, if you’re wondering if my feelings have changed for Buffy – they haven’t!

lush buffy body butter review

Buffy is an in-shower, 2-in-1 body butter and exfoliator. Usually I’m skeptical of double-use products, and I blame 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners because that shit does not work. But, Buffy is a different story! It’s made with a shea butter base to moisturize, with a suspension of almonds (yum), rice (also yum), and beans (not so yum) to exfoliate. This is great for lazy girls like me since you get so many benefits: exfoliated, moisturized, and delicious smelling skin without having to step out into the cold after a warm shower.

Lush recommends to rub the bar into wet skin and rinse, but that yields spotty coverage, and too much coverage in those areas. So I do things differently ’cause I’m just a bit of a rebel. Instead of rubbing it into wet skin, I lather up lightly – but don’t rinse! – rub the bar in streaks all over my body, and then rub whatever’s on my body in with my hands. I’ve found that the body butter has a smooth glide from the soap, gets evenly distributed, and leaves the perfect amount on. Also use less than you think you need, because this stuff is concentrated and will turn you into a greaseball if you’re not careful! And yeah, rinse of course – we don’t want to step out of the shower with bits of exfoliant and shower gel left on us!

Another recommendation is to turn off your damn water… which is something you should be doing anyway, because you don’t need it when you’re exfoliating. There are a lot of complaints on the review section on the Lush website that the bar only lasts like, 3 uses or melts away quickly in the shower. Since it’s made with shea butter, it’ll melt with heat. If you leave your hot shower on, it’s just going to melt away more product than you’re using! I can confidently say that with turning off your shower and lathering up before using this, my bars have lasted me more than 20 uses.

I’ve repurchased Buffy over and over again – probably around 5 times already? It’s one of my all-time favorite products. I like using this every time I wash my hair (but take note, I wash my hair every 5 to 7 days, and I don’t actually use this in my hair…) for a boost of moisture.

lush buffy body butter review

This is the aftermath of the current one I’m using after an an atrociously warm hot summer. Buffy actually melted into a pool of oil a few times, and got mushy a few times more. See the little dent in the left right (I can’t directions) piece? It was mushy because of the heat, so I scooped some out with my finger to use. It was hard to get it out of the container when it hardened up again (this one is in an empty body scrub container) and I had to crack it down the middle with a screwdriver to get it out. So be sure to keep it in a container especially if you’re in a warm climate, but it’s a good idea overall since it will get messy.

Have you tried Buffy before? What are some of your favorite body lotions and butters?

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