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lettering for star violet

Remember when I used to do these weekly or biweekly? Yeah, my life mostly consists of work and gym so I have no idea how I pulled things out of my ass so frequently.

I’m working on a new blog header, and this is my process! I kind of don’t want to go into Illustrator for this so I want to see if just this and Photoshop will do the trick. Illustrator makes it look too crisp and clean (aka mistakes are very prominent lol) and sometimes I like having a more gritty feel. My current one was quickly made – with a chisel tip Sharpie actually – because I wanted something a little more unique than just typing my blog name out. I’ve been really into lettering lately, so I wanted to redo my blog header too.

david's tea pumpkin chai

I popped into David’s Tea and Lush this week to repurchase a few things. And can I say, David’s Tea tries really hard to upsell! I went in wanting to get a travel mug since they were on sale the day before, but a sales associate said the offer ended the day before. So I’m like oh okay, I’ll pass then! She asked what was keeping me from buying it (an upfront question to ask – but I thought she wanted feedback) and I said it was expensive for what it is. She tries to convince me that it’s like a 2-in-1 because I can make hot and cold drinks in it and I tell her firmly that no, I’ll pass. It’s probably just part of their job, though I wish they could do it in a way that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable/bad for not buying things I that are out of my price range.

I ended up getting three teas anyway – Saigon Chai, Pumpkin Chai, and Earl Grey. Earl Grey tea is my favorite, so I’m always restocking. Saigon Chai has become a recent favorite – I like chai in general, and I especially like this blend. If I want to kick it up a notch I’ll add in a slice or two of ginger, too. Pumpkin Chai kinda makes me feel like a basic bitch except ~classier~ since it still goes with the pumpkin spice theme, except it’s tea. They also have little pumpkin sprinkles, how cute is that!

lush haul - godiva shampoo bar, sympathy for the skin, buffy, bunny moon mask

I went into Lush after to stock up on Sympathy for the Skin (my favorite body lotion), Buffy (my second favorite body lotion), and a shampoo bar. I wanted to try a shampoo bar specifically because I like the idea of having it plastic-free, plus it supposedly has up to 80 washes! I chose Godiva because it’s moisturizing and smells just like jasmine. The sales associate that helped me also introduced me to Lust, which is a perfume that smells exactly like jasmine as well – “Let me show you this perfume! I think you’ll like it because it smells like jasmine. *sprays some on a testing paper and hands it to me* If you like how it smells and wears off, you can come back for it!” – it was just such a nice way of introducing me to a product without making me feel like I had to buy it.

lush lust perfume gorilla perfumes

The perfume is dyed bright red and I think it’ll leave a stain on clothing. It’s super strong, and it still has a faint smell of the base scent, even though I’ve had it for 4 days now.

allergic breakouts bumps

I also got a sample of one of their new jelly masks, Bunny Moon, and I really wanted to like it. It’s really fun to put on (break off a piece and rub it between your hands until it’s creamy, then put on your face), smells great, and left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Butttt, it ended up breaking me out. And that’s why you shouldn’t patch test on your entire face. Thankfully it doesn’t itch or hurt, it’s just bumpy and annoying.

Hmmm, what else? I’m thinking about quitting my job at the end of this month. It’s a huge thing, because I’ve been with this company for a long time but I really think it’s time for me to go. More about that when I actually do, though. I’m also heading to Toronto to see my partner in October for a week, so that should be lots of fun!

What have you been up to lately?

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  • I honestly love that sharpie header, if only my caligraphy was so cool, I used a plain Photoshop font for my header, I need to step up my game, you motivate me haha. Love the products you bought and the style of writing, so happy I came across your blog!

    I’m currently hosting a giveaway on my blog, hoping you can check it out,
    Mary x

  • Ffs, I thought your header was A FONT. Kudos. I love it.
    I usually get the David’s Tea mugs/accessories when they’re on sale too, otherwise, I AIN’T MAKIN’ BANK, FAM. I bought the Pumpkin Chai tin years back, and I’m still enjoying it! That and their Santa’s Secret makes me feel like a baesic garden tool (hoe), but they are damn good teas that I crack out when it’s seasonally appropriate to enjoy. I haven’t had them upsell me before, but then again, it’s been a while since I was in a store/bought anything from them. (I find Teavana always upsells me though. If I ask for 50 grams, they put in 60 and ask if it’s ok. B R UH?)

    If you quit your job, make sure you have something lined up! Also, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO VISIT ME.

    • Heheh thank you! 😀
      Yeah their teaware(???) is pretty expensive when it’s not on sale, and I feel like it’s a steal if it is. I go through tea like crazy, I usually have a big mug every day, sometimes two .____. Secret Santa sounds so???? good????? and the lil candy cane sprinkles are so cute????

      I’m planning on just taking a small but productive break to work on my portfolio and social media – being at my job doesn’t make me excited about design or art because it’s so frustrating with a micromanaging boss who has no experience in either field.

      Also SORRY I’m terrible with making plans. I’ll be here over the thanksgiving weekend from oct 3 – 11!! We’re likely to make a trip down to toronto (he lives in brampton) cause he wants to see the viking exhibit at the rom, maybe we can grab some lunch or early dinner??


  • wait a minute, this blog header of yours was HANDMADE!? oh my that’s awesome! even mine is a font because i’m bad with hand lettering. my typography skill is better for detecting fonts and not handmade lettering haha

    maybe it’s just us but your experience at david’s tea is, imo, really uncomfortable. i mean, i’ve never thought it’s okay for the sales to ask you like that as to why you won’t buy their stuff. i can see why you’re uncomfortable bout that since i’d definitely feel the same way. i’m not sure if it’s just me being annoying but i think the sales associate shouldn’t have asked that since it can come off as a little bit rude. it’s none of their business as to why someone doesn’t want to make a purchase if there’s no discount. people have different reasons and it’s just so annoying to pry like that. i get that the’re trying to make profit but it does get annoying when they’re being persistent. a starbucks barista once persuaded me into buying their tumbler even after i shook my head. thankfully, she gave up after i told her once that i didn’t feel like buying it. occasionally, when i find a persistent salesperson, i just told them “it’s not worth the price tag” bluntly and they instantly keep quiet, lol. in that case, i don’t feel humiliated because i cannot make a purchase on something that is out of my budget. imo, that’s how salesperson should be – if you said no once, they should understand and not push further because that’s just gonna make them sound desperate. i know this is probably not fair because maybe they’re just chasing for bonus or something like that but really, it’s just causing awkwardness.

    i’m so jealous at people who have Lush stores in their country! there used to be a Lush store here in indonesia but it has since closed down by the time i realized that. what a bummer. i really love their tub packaging hahaha i think people usually compare Lush to The Body Shop, right… and i really want to try Lush because i think for such price range, Lush is more worth it (TBS is starting to get more and more expensive and yet, their products are getting smaller!)
    speaking of, the way that Lush salesperson promoted the perfume is really how TBS salesperson would do it. TBS salespeople are always so nice and smart in promoting their products lol yet another similarity between the two brands :))

    i haven’t been doing much this week. it’s been a trashy week and i’ve been feeling shitty and just blergh so there’s not much about my life and stuff ^^;;

    • YES IT IS /sobs gently in your arms bc I feel like it’s so shitty LOL but I guess I just tend to criticize myself harshly???

      I can understand if she said something like “okay got it, no problem” to my it’s pricey for what it is comment but yeah, it was really uncomfortable especially since I’m the kind of person that it’s hard for me to say no. But I’m getting better at it!! I’ve noticed a lot of people are in sales, but not everyone is good at sales – a lot of people just seem to think sales is pushing products onto customers.

      I’ve heard that people in indonesia is generally nicer than the US too? One of my favorite influencers went to jakarta for a nyx event and she was having dinner or something with all these indonesian influencers, and they just sounded so nice compared to american ones! She was saying that every time one of the girls walked in everyone would get up and greet them with hugs, and there was an instance where a waiter was giving out tea and two influencers got a cup of tea at the same time and they gave it to each other. She also mentioned that one of the girls was late and everyone was saying that she’s the biggest influencer in indonesia. Pretty much stuff like that is unheard of in the US, so I don’t know if it reflects on our shopping culture too.

      TBS sounds so popular in your area! I used to be into TBS a long time ago, mostly in high school and college. But I found that I would never use up the body butters for some reason – like I’d use it all up until the end where there’s maybe 10 applications left and I just wouldn’t finish it. The TBS in my area is also super understaffed all the time – once they only had one person manning the entire floor and I felt so bad for her, cause there were probably around 10 people in the store and she couldn’t manage being a cashier and sales associate at the same time, which I would be surprised if someone could in that situation :/

      • don’t worry, gurl. we are our worst critics after all. my profession insists i be creative every single day and guess what, i never appreciate any of my design since i always think they suck :))

        i used to be like that too, feeling really bad when i don’t purchase the things the salesperson shoves to my face. but now, i’m starting to get better at saying no. when a salesperson constantly persuades me, i’ll try my best to remain cool and say no but if he/she insists, that’s when i start giving them the cold, stern voice of “no. i don’t need it.” people might say that i’m being rude because salesperson is just trying to make an effort and do his/her best but lemme tell you something: being a salesperson doesn’t justify them to INSIST products to a customer’s face. ((drops mic like obama))

        ngl, i’ve never been to U.S so i don’t think i’m in any position to judge BUT all i can tell you is that educated indonesians are nice. uneducated ones? well….some are nice but others can be snobs too. for instance, sales who work at MAC Cosmetics or Sephora: they are not friendly. they are friendly IF you enter their store wearing an expensive ass Louis Vuitton ba but if you enter their store wearing shirt and jeans, they’d ignore you. indonesians are GENERALLY nice but of course, fools aren’t limited to certain countries so yeah. as for indonesian influencers, they are generally cool (e.g. one of my fave indonesian influencers named sonia eryka is a cool individual, inside out) but there are those who let fame get to their head so yeah, to each their own. i guess the indonesian blogging community is a lot less…uh, controversial compared to the U.S. ^^;;

        TBS body butters are like the savior to my eczema flare-ups. i’ve been using them for years but i’m starting to seek other alternatives that are cheaper and preferably have more natural ingredients. TBS uses perfume in their body butters and i just don’t like that :
        one of the reasons why i like going back to TBS stores is how friendly their sales representatives are, just like why i love getting my tea from starbucks even if that sounds so excessive. sometimes, you just love going to a store because the people who work there make the atmosphere less creepy (cough, i’m side staring at you, MAC and Sephora)

  • Natalie Da Silva

    wow you are so creative! Even before I read the blog post i was thinking ‘really cool header’! Great post btw xx

  • Urgh, I dislike aggressive sales associates which is why I avoid places like Holt Renfrew, Nordstrom and other similar places. I just can’t be bothered. I know it’s a part of their job but sometimes they need to take a hint! Your haul is making me want to pop to Lush – it’s been ages!

    Stephanie |

  • If quitting your job is something you feel like you need to do, then it might be the right thing. Good luck with it! As for LUSH, I have never really had anything of theirs as the smells are always so strong.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • I finally quit my job after four and a half years and it was the best decision I ever made! Wishing you all the best in that journey! And mmmm, I LOVE Lush. 😉


  • I definitely remember when you did these posts every week! I tried to do them too, but I realized how unexciting my life was lol!! I love these types of posts though, so I’m always happy to read them! Those tea you got sound amazing! I love Chai too, I think teavan had a pumpkin spice chai too and I tried a sample last year, it was so good! I always hate it when sales associates do that too, when they push sale and make your feel awkward. I so want to try those new lush masks! That’s a shame they made your face break out!

    • Haha, you’re definitely the og that remembers all my embarrassing posts! I wish my life was a little more picturresque and, well, not so boring haha. I feel like you could definitely tell when they’re trying to push a sale, and I notice it with Lush too but they’re a lot… friendlier? than a lot of other places which I really appreciate. I want to try a handful of the other jelly masks too, though this time I’ll be sure to patch test :p

  • That’s too bad the mask caused you to break out. I hate when you get excited about a product and then it doesn’t go well with your skin.

  • I hope all goes well with you and the next journey of your life, if you decide to quit your job. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and I still can’t handletter to save my life! I’m so jealous of people that can, like you! I created my blog header just on Illustrator, lol


    • Thank you, Hannah! No worries, that’s why there are different niches in graphic design 😉 I’m still looking at people like @kirillrichert on instagram and being like…. how’d you do that haha!

  • Rebecca Gibbs

    I hope everything goes okay with your job – sometimes we just outgrow them and we need to go forward to bigger and better things! You’ll do amazing wherever you are! Also it’s so annoying to hear the mask broke you out – that happened to me after trying black African soap!

    Rebecca xx
    Check out my latest post over at

    • I’m so glad everyone’s being so supportive of quitting! It means a lot to hear that, especially since a lot of people view quitting as not being strong enough to endure it to the end (even though there will be no end, ha).

      I guess it’s my fault for not properly patch testing, haha! Even though I have pretty resilient skin and I’ve only broken out from a product one other time.

  • Good luck moving forward, Becky if you do decide to quit and sometimes a refreshing change is a good thing. And damn, I have no idea about the sale technique at David’s Tea but I dislike it when the SA is pushy or make me feel like I must spend my $$$.

    And damn girl, my heart aches for your skin! What terrible breakout! I hope your skin heals soon. 🙁

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Yup, I just told boss #1 today and he was supportive of it as a friend! We’ll see how boss #2 goes, thank you! 😀

      It’s getting better day by day, very slowly though. I hope tomorrow I can at least do some makeup since I have a day off, and I spent my entire weekend just doing blog things cause I wanted to give my face a break.

  • Sam

    I noticed that about David’s Tea too! My friend and I were in there since she wanted some tea, and even though she was only planning to get one, he was talking about all these other similar ones, and asking if she had the right tools to make it (he was trying to get her to buy a French press, even though she had one already) and I could tell she felt bad because she ended up buying a few bags just so he would stop talking to her. egh.

    Bunny Moon sounds so cute though, it’s disappointing that it broke you out. But honestly, I never patch test (which probably isn’t a good thing) & I feel like that would have happened to me too.

    okaaay, well this is turning very long but best of luck to you if/when you decide to quit! And woo, Toronto sounds like it’s gonna be fun! I wish there was more travel in my future but usually it’s just up to NorCal to see my mom in the hot, hot pits of desert. But I can’t wait for October since it’s my birthday month & Halloween!

    • Yeah I dunno, it’s cool that they sometimes suggest different teas for me to try based on what I’m buying, but sometimes they take it a little far :/

      That’s the reason I really wanted bunny moon to work on me LOL it kinda reminds me of sailor moon. Plus the mask inside has like, a little “moon” on it too which makes it even cuter!

      I just told one of my bosses I was planning to quit at the end of the month and he said as a friend, he’s totally supportive of it. Which is so nice! I just have to talk to the other one now, haha. I mostly only travel to Toronto anyway, it’s actually been close to a decade since I’ve been anywhere else. Happy almost birthmonth to you! 😀

  • I hope everything goes okay with your job, but if you do decide to quit I hope you find something better that works for you xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Those LUSH products sounds good, and that perfume really stains red? It’s interesting but why does it stain though?

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

    • No idea! it’s dyed red though, maybe to evoke the feeling of lust. but I still kinda wished it’s not dyed because some people in the reviews said it stained their clothes orange or red :/

  • I love LUSH’ bath bombs but I’d love to try their hair products as well, the shampoo bar sounds lovely – I love all things Jasmine scented. I had no idea you designed your blog header by hand, that’s awesome, and the new one looks beautiful! Best of luck with your job change, I hope that if you do decide to leave that you’ll find something better!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • I’ve taken a liking to their bubble bars – far more fun than bath bombs I think, except for the ones that have glitter in them cause I love me some glitter! Thank you so much for everything – I’m looking towards freelancing so I’m planning to work on my portfolio for a month and seeing if that works out, and if it doesn’t, hey, at least I have a portfolio I can apply to other design jobs with!

  • Isabelle

    I like the new header idea! The lush products are lovely. I need some new hair products so need to try those out! Ill keep my eye out for these next time I am in lush

  • Alexandra Roman

    I loved this post. Keep at it!

    With love,


  • i hope the bumps would go away soon! 🙁 i hate it when there’s a side effect to a skincare. but your skin is looking hella gorgeous. i love omg. and good luck for the job. i’m sure better things await <3

    things been rough on my side but i hope yours is better! <3

  • Kim

    Ooh I love your hand lettering! You’ve got so much talent there, lady! Lush and David’s Tea are one of my favorite stores at the mall in my hometown!

    Simply Lovebirds

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