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lettering for star violet

Remember when I used to do these weekly or biweekly? Yeah, my life mostly consists of work and gym so I have no idea how I pulled things out of my ass so frequently.

I’m working on a new blog header, and this is my process! I kind of don’t want to go into Illustrator for this so I want to see if just this and Photoshop will do the trick. Illustrator makes it look too crisp and clean (aka mistakes are very prominent lol) and sometimes I like having a more gritty feel. My current one was quickly made – with a chisel tip Sharpie actually – because I wanted something a little more unique than just typing my blog name out. I’ve been really into lettering lately, so I wanted to redo my blog header too.

david's tea pumpkin chai

I popped into David’s Tea and Lush this week to repurchase a few things. And can I say, David’s Tea tries really hard to upsell! I went in wanting to get a travel mug since they were on sale the day before, but a sales associate said the offer ended the day before. So I’m like oh okay, I’ll pass then! She asked what was keeping me from buying it (an upfront question to ask – but I thought she wanted feedback) and I said it was expensive for what it is. She tries to convince me that it’s like a 2-in-1 because I can make hot and cold drinks in it and I tell her firmly that no, I’ll pass. It’s probably just part of their job, though I wish they could do it in a way that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable/bad for not buying things I that are out of my price range.

I ended up getting three teas anyway – Saigon Chai, Pumpkin Chai, and Earl Grey. Earl Grey tea is my favorite, so I’m always restocking. Saigon Chai has become a recent favorite – I like chai in general, and I especially like this blend. If I want to kick it up a notch I’ll add in a slice or two of ginger, too. Pumpkin Chai kinda makes me feel like a basic bitch except ~classier~ since it still goes with the pumpkin spice theme, except it’s tea. They also have little pumpkin sprinkles, how cute is that!

lush haul - godiva shampoo bar, sympathy for the skin, buffy, bunny moon mask

I went into Lush after to stock up on Sympathy for the Skin (my favorite body lotion), Buffy (my second favorite body lotion), and a shampoo bar. I wanted to try a shampoo bar specifically because I like the idea of having it plastic-free, plus it supposedly has up to 80 washes! I chose Godiva because it’s moisturizing and smells just like jasmine. The sales associate that helped me also introduced me to Lust, which is a perfume that smells exactly like jasmine as well – “Let me show you this perfume! I think you’ll like it because it smells like jasmine. *sprays some on a testing paper and hands it to me* If you like how it smells and wears off, you can come back for it!” – it was just such a nice way of introducing me to a product without making me feel like I had to buy it.

lush lust perfume gorilla perfumes

The perfume is dyed bright red and I think it’ll leave a stain on clothing. It’s super strong, and it still has a faint smell of the base scent, even though I’ve had it for 4 days now.

allergic breakouts bumps

I also got a sample of one of their new jelly masks, Bunny Moon, and I really wanted to like it. It’s really fun to put on (break off a piece and rub it between your hands until it’s creamy, then put on your face), smells great, and left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Butttt, it ended up breaking me out. And that’s why you shouldn’t patch test on your entire face. Thankfully it doesn’t itch or hurt, it’s just bumpy and annoying.

Hmmm, what else? I’m thinking about quitting my job at the end of this month. It’s a huge thing, because I’ve been with this company for a long time but I really think it’s time for me to go. More about that when I actually do, though. I’m also heading to Toronto to see my partner in October for a week, so that should be lots of fun!

What have you been up to lately?

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