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review: glossier mega greens galaxy pack + moisturizing moon mask

glossier mask duo review, glossier mega greens galaxy pack, glossier moisturizing moon mask

Uhhhhh wow, remember how I said a few posts ago that I usually don’t buy a lot of cosmetics? Well yeah, when I travel it all changes and I definitely buy a lot of cosmetics. I don’t buy in person though; I buy it all online and have it shipped to my house so it’s like Christmas or my birthday arrived early, except it’s from me (funnily enough I don’t give or receive many birthday or holiday presents).

glossier mask duo review, glossier mega greens galaxy pack, glossier moisturizing moon mask

glossier mask duo review, glossier mega greens galaxy pack, glossier moisturizing moon mask

I’ve really been into masking recently and I’m pretty sure  Glossier’s free terry headband with purchase promotion compelled me to make this purchase. I bought the mask duo so I saved a bit of money – a whopping $4 to be exact. And, that terry headband is a luxury I didn’t know I needed. There’s nothing more annoying than those pesky baby hairs getting in my mask, and the headband takes care of that!

I expected the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack to be a standard clay mask that’ll leave your skin feeling extremely dry and tight and ready to absorb whatever serums or oils that are put on top. Surprisingly, it didn’t leave my skin super parched and stiff while still getting the job done. The consistency is super creamy and doesn’t dry down completely like you’d expect a clay mask to. It’s easy to remove too! I don’t know what kind of witchcraft had to be done to create something like this, but I love that it does what it’s supposed to without drying out my already dry skin too much.

The Moisturizing Moon Mask makes my face feel SO. FREAKING. SOFT. The texture is light and almost gel-like, and reminds me of a tub of Pond’s cream my mom used when I was a kid. I like that it dries down clear – it’s a good indication of when you should take it off instead of tracking the time. It’s a little difficult to remove, so use a washcloth to help rinse it off!

The idea behind these are that you use the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack to cleanse and draw out those impurities in your skin (what does that mean, anyway?), and follow up with the Moisturizing Moon Mask to rehydrate and plump up your skin. They’re a bit pricey for what they are, but you don’t need much so it’ll last a long time. The directions on the jar says to put on a thick layer, but a thin one works just fine for me. As someone with very dry skin, I definitely recommend both.

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Have you tried the Glossier Moon Mask or Mega Greens Mask? What are some of your favorite wash-off masks?

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  • Sam

    YES, I’m so excited to hear that these both worked out for you! I’ve had my eye on the duo for a while, hemming and hawing over whether I should actually get it. Most of the reviews I’ve read like one or the other, so I was debating whether both were worth it. (cuz, ya know, $4 is still $4). I can’t wait to try these out!

    • If you’re in the US I could easily send you little samples of both if you’re interested (I try to be very hygienic and always scoop out the mask with an alcohol-cleaned spatula on a little plate before I use it)! I’ve been to the showroom since I live in nyc but unfortunately they only have samples of the milky jelly cleanser (I have a few of those so I could send one to you if you’d like too!!) + priming moisturizer.

      • Sam

        Oh, that’s so nice!! But I’m actually going to get the masks soon so it’s alright 🙂 thank you though! I actually have both the milky jelly cleanser and priming moisturizer, and I really like the MJC! it’s one of those that I didn’t like at first but then grew wayyy more attached to, haha

  • I’ve hear so many things about Glossier, I’m starting to think they’re the new LUSH. The Moisturising Moon Mask looks so cute! Maybe I’ll pick that up! I wonder if it’s available in UK…

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

    • Glossier is really trendy right now! I don’t think it could ever be the new Lush though, mostly because I’m biased and Lush has such a soft spot in my heart, lol! I just love that they consciously source their ingredients and try to leave as small of an environmental footprint as possible.

      I don’t think it’s available in the UK at a decent price – someone else commented that it’s available in Asia but severely overpriced. They’re working on international shipping though, so I hope it’ll be available to you soon!

  • aaargh another glossier blog poooost ((sobs)) i don’t know why but i’m like itching to try glossier because everybody’s talking about it but it’s hella expensive because i have to buy it from an online shop who’s selling it at a higher price 🙁

    The directions on the jar says to put on a thick layer – ((buzzer sound)) this is their plan to have you use more, finish fast and then buy some more! what is this marketing trick! LOL that’s the first thing i’d think of every time i see an instruction on a product tells me to use more or in this case, thick layer unless of course, it’s a pore stripping peel off clay mask. man, those kinds are painful, aren’t they.

    i’m currently using the innisfree super volcanic clay mask. when i first bought it, i was like what is this small sized crap it’s only 100ml what the heck? but then i realized why it’s only 100ml. it’s supeeeeer thick and i feel like i haven’t used it at all even after using it a few times. i also love the body shop’s blue corn kaolin clay mask and the vegan superfood acai radiance energizing mask for when i feel congested.

    • Oh man, that’s the worst! I wonder how they get glossier anyway – maybe they have someone in the US bulk ordering and shipping to them? I heard they’re working on international shipping though, so I hope they’ll ship to you soon!!

      Yeah it’s pretty effective marketing lol. I also look out for things like “soak a generous amount onto a cotton pad” – some things are just fine to put on your face with your hands, and you’ll use a lot less that way too! I put on a pretty uneven layer the first time I used the mega greens mask and the thicker parts took foreeeever to dry, much more than the 20 minutes recommended.

      I think I have that mask! one of my coworkers got that for me 2 or 3 birthdays ago and I haven’t opened it yet (lol). I didn’t know the body shop made masks either?? I used to be a diehard fan in my early college days and I’d watch out for sales like a hawk and do huge hauls at a time!

      • hm from what i know, local sellers usually open preorder and they act like our agents or something. i know you might be thinking ‘why do this when you can order from brands who accept intl shipping?’ it’s because international shipping to indonesia sometimes face customs and tax problems. a friend’s friend once ordered colourpop but her items couldn’t be delivered to her door and were held back by tax & customs administration instead. these corrupt people then told her to pay such a tremendous amount of money if she wanted the items. the reason was because those cosmetics aren’t beneficial for the country (because it’s for personal use and not for business.) it’s such a bullshit reasoning, right? i wanted to order colourpop because they accept intl shipping but i couldn’t because i was afraid the items i ordered will get held back like that. it sucks, really. so yeah, this is why some ppl buy foreign products through online sellers even if that means the items will be a few bucks more expensive. i personally don’t know how those resellers deal with shipping fee or with the tax and customs but yeah, basically, that’s how it is in indonesia. for brands who are also available physically in indonesia – like maybelline, l’oreal etc – sometimes their catalogue is incomplete and will differ from, say, the l’oreal in the States so more often than not, most of us prefer buying from online shop / sellers. plus, they tend to sell those stuff cheaper too.

        the body shop has masks and they’re pretty good. kind of expensive now after all the repackaging thing. i used to trust body shop’s skincare products so much until i discovered innisfree whose items are cheaper. TBS’ price kind of makes me go smh nowadays though :))

  • I still haven’t try anything from Glossier, I know it’s a good brand but seriously my face and my wallet can’t keep up. I am currently waiting for Cult Beauty to have a good GWP and I want to do a few skincare haul from there. For now other brands like Glossier have to wait. LOL!

    Onto these masks, both sounds absolutely lovely especially the Moisturizing Moon mask, anything that leaves my skin soft and plump is a winner for me.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • I’ll include a little sample of the moon mask in your package! I get what you mean haha, sometimes I feel like I have tooooo many masks/makeup/etc and I just want to put everything on my face. I’ve heard lots of good things about cult beauty but I didn’t know they did gwp – I’ll have to take a look into them!

      • I will love you foreverrrr! Thank you! xx

  • These sound so nice! I’m a huge fan of clay masks, and I’m with you that I dislike it when they make my face feel right and dry! The moisturizing one sounds amazing too. And yay for the headband!

    • Same! I still haven’t tried your favorite mask of mangnaminty yet – but I’m heading to lush tomorrow and picking up a sample 🙂

      • It’s so good!! But I will warn you that it may make your face feel a dry a bit but I don’t think it’s that bad!

  • Pam Scalfi

    I have oily skin, so maybe the first mask would work best for me.
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  • Kim

    I’ve never tried Glossier masks before but they sound pretty amazing! These days I’ve been using something called a Shrek mask that I found at Olive Young, but it has big chunks inside… I’m kinda scared of clogging up my sink >_< eek! I'd rather try something that's smooth without chunky bits inside. I wonder if I can find Glossier masks in Korea!

    • Shrek mask, I wonder if it’s green too! They only ship to US and Canada at the moment – though I heard they’re working on international shipping for the rest of the world, too. Let’s hope they’ll come to Korea soon! I’m expecting a package of small containers soon so maybe I can mail some to you? (We keep talking about mailing things to each other lol, but it never seems to happen!)

  • I have yet to try Glossier products. I have heard so many good things about it!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • I’m such a sucker for a gwp! I don’t really buy things I didn’t already want, but when I do want something (or a few things) when there’s a good gift that comes with it that’s what’ll push me over the edge and make me actually buy it. I almost placed an order when Glossier had that headband promotion but I’ve just recently got a new bottle of the Milky Jelly Cleanser so I’m going to wait til I’m closer to the end of it to repurchase as there’s not much point right now.

    I’ve not tried the clay mask but I do quite like the hydrating one. It’s funny how on their website the photo is of a girl with like a cm of product all over her face, but I can just use a thin layer and work it in like a moisturiser and I don’t even take it off and it works just fine for me!

    • Same! I’ll justify it with something like “well, the gwp is x amount and that’s already the price of half my purchase” or “I’ve been wanting to try this gwp for a while and the little size is perfect” haha!

      I absolutely LOVE the cheeky placement of the glossier bar over the girl’s boobs in the bathtub, lol. And yeah, that’s why I thought I had to use a ridiculous amount at first – but I’ve found that the thicker layers are still pretty wet when it’s time to take off my mask.

  • Juliana Paz

    I’ve been dying to try out the mega green galaxy mask! it sounds so good it may be my next Glossier purchase.