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star violet chavien current favorites - bite beauty multisticks in brioche and gelato, make up for ever empty palettes, sugarpill pro pans

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When I first started blogging, I was so obsessed with having favorites every month since it’s the standard in the beauty industry of social media. I’m not one to indulge in beauty products, as ironic as it sounds being a makeup enthusiast. My product selections now are curated, and most importantly, items I truly love using. I swear, if I did monthly favorite blog posts or videos, I’d literally have one or two products at most.

star violet chavien current favorites - glossier balm dotcom, make up for ever mufe empty palette, sugarpill pro pans

Let’s get skincare out of the way first, shall we? I’ve really been enjoying the Balm Dotcom from Glossier (click for 10% off your first order!) lately, especially the Birthday one. I regularly use these before bed; whenever I have chapped lips, I make sure to slather on a thicker layer, and I always wake up to them being super soft and moisturized. The Birthday one smells like a vanilla cake and has iridescent micro shimmers – they’re actually not as noticeable on the lips as you’d think, but just knowing it’s there makes me feel really glam in a natural way. I’m also appreciating the holo packaging!

The Paula’s Choice 2% BHA a liquid that gently exfoliates your skin. I’ve used this before in the past, but I didn’t see much of a difference so I stopped using it after I was finished with my bottle. I had a sample pack laying around and I’m trying to actively use up those pesky little packs – does anyone else hoard them? – so I did, and I noticed a difference this time around. Maybe it’s because it’s the summer, but my skin is undoubtedly smoother and not as textured as it used to be. Luckily I found a full size laying around my sister’s room and it’s still half full. She’s living in Ohio now, so by sister logic it’s mine.

Make Up For Ever has these sleek empty palettes that you can slip depotted and single shadows into. I bought the XL size (the one I wanted wasn’t available at the time) and I thought it was going to be too big, but it’s actually perfect! It’s a very slim and sturdy case with a strong magnetized bottom to keep shadows in place, and comes with a plastic and foam sheet to further protect your shadows when you’re traveling. I keep my everyday single shadows in here, and I’m tempted to rip apart my palettes to include my favorite shades in here, too. Bear in mind that these were made for the working makeup artist, so it’s designed to be very basic.

star violet chavien current favorites - bite beauty multisticks in brioche and gelato

Lastly, I’ve really been enjoying using the Bite Beauty Multisticks. I never thought I’d like cream blush because I have dry skin and thought it would cling onto my dry patches. One of Claire’s videos finally convinced me to try it, and I’m so glad I did! I use it exactly how she does and it gives such a luminous flush to the cheeks without having shimmer or glitter. They’re also really nice to pat on the lips for a flush of effortless color. I have Brioche, Gelato, and Cashew, but honestly? I don’t need both Brioche and Cashew, as they’re both warm tones and pretty close to each other in shade.

Have you tried any of these? What are your recent favorites?

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  • Isabelle Collins

    I like the look of the Bite Beauty Multisticks! The Makeup Revolution skin kiss highlighter in Peach Kiss is deffo one of my favourite things right now x

    • It’s so nice and compact for traveling. Best part about is that there’s no need for brushes so it’s less tools to use/clean too!

  • I have yet to try Bite Beauty multisticks! I do have Gelato in my list to purchase so I might pick it up during Sephora VIB sale. I quit doing favourites posts a long time ago, I just find it to be really hard and boring to write.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Gelato is a dupe of my favorite too faced blush (cocoa rose) that’s been discontinued for a while now, just in a different formula so that’s always nice! I used to dislike writing favorites posts too, but this time around I feel like I’m writing about them when I have them, while before I’d write them on a schedule. It’s definitely a different feeling!

  • I really want to try the Bite Beauty Multisticks as I’ve been really impressed with products from this brand so far. The colors you have look really pretty!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • Oooh, what are some of your favorites from bite? I’ve only really tried their agave lip mask, multisticks, and a limited amount of their lipsticks so far. I’ve heard the cocoa multistick works as a contour for darker skin tones so that’s always nice too!

  • The only reason I still do monthly favorites on my blog is because I’m a bad blogger and it’s out of habit/I don’t know what else to blog about half the time LOL. Your pictures are always sooo pretty I can’t get over it! I love the way the MUF palette looks! It’s nice to put your everyday shadows and things in palettes like that. And those multisticks look like he perfect colors!

    • Haha! If you have the favorites then by all means write about them 😉 I just don’t go through/buy a lot of products nowadays so it wouldn’t make much sense to do one every month. The multisticks have such a huge color range, I believe the cocoa one works as a contour for darker skin tones too.

      Thank you hehe, always puts a smile on my face when I hear that!

  • Sam

    girl, I hoard those little packets like c r a z y. it’s a terrible habit & one I’m trying to break by using them up immediately instead of waiting, waiting… waiting. lol. YESSS, Claire convinced me Brioche is the color I want but I haven’t ordered from Sephora yet. I go back and forth since I have so many blushes on my list to get. I actually read somewhere that cream blushes were better for dry skin, so I’ve been looking for some good ones!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • Same! I try to save the ~fancier~ samples for when I’m pampering myself but honestly I always forget and go back to my tried and true favorites. I used to be a compulsive blush hoarder and one day reality just hit me and I realized I’m never going to finish all my blushes, lol (as well as other kinds of makeup ha). 1000% recommend the multisticks, I’ve been using them almost daily since I got them in the winter.

  • I have a hoard of sample packets in my bathroom that I’m trying to get rid of. I feel ya on the beauty community encouraging favorites posts – I always felt like I needed to buy/try new things to include in them rather than constantly repeat the same bits. So this year I pretty much axed out favorites posts and it’s allowed me to actually enjoy using products and find favorites organically (how ironic, right?).

    I’ve yet to try anything from Paula’s Choice but the 2% BHA sounds incredible!!! I think that might be the first one I try.

    Cindy |

  • When you mentioned the Bite multi sticks, I immediately thought of Hey Claire! I think I’m the only person who hasn’t tried anything from Glossier yet!

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • I always think of her! Just because she mentions them pretty frequently, haha. Highly recommend the milky jelly cleanser (along with balm dotcom of course) – it’s so nice and doesn’t dry out my skin as much as other cleansers do!

  • I have seen those Bite Beauty multisticks but have yet to try them! I also need to try Glossier since they’re now available in Canada. Great faves babe!

    Ann-Marie |

    • They’re so nice! I’ve heard that cocoa is even deep enough for most deep (actual deep, not tan) skin tones as a bronzer/contour. Glossier’s definitely so hyped up!

  • Their liquid lipsticks are such a big hit! Yesterday someone on instagram recommended them/said those were one of their favorites from Bite, too.


  • GRRRRLLLL cream blush is dry skin’s savior and i’m glad you finally tried! it looks and feels so good, yeah? i’m dying to try brioche because it looks like that darker nude i’d love and i can always use it for blush/brontour. it would look perfect for lazy days.

    i’m always iffy or sort with people who constantly post their faves each month and have different faves. i mean, if i like something i’d use it to it’s last bit but i know that’s probably just me lol

    • Brontour, that’s a new one! I’m pretty sure that’s what I do anyway :p I think brioche is my favorite out of the 4 I own (I know, I know, I didn’t need four), dunno why but it’s the most used one!

      Same here! I can understand for major influencers and their insane PR that they’d have tons of new things all the time to try. But for smaller bloggers, I don’t think it’s that feasible…?

  • Kim

    LOL sister logic xD
    I have a bottle of Paula’s Choice BHA gel that I need to get back to using. I’ve been so lazy about my skincare routine lately, so it’s time for me to shake things up a bit hehe.

    • It’s true haha! You, being lazy with skincare?! You’re probably my skincare goddess, lol. Ever since that 10 sheet mask tips post you did I’ve been hoooooked, and now I’m going down a neverending spiral in Korean skincare.

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