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the ordinary beautylish haul

Does the title sound like it could be the name of a band?

When I first heard of The Ordinary, I was skeptical that good skincare didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I pretty much ignored The Ordinary for a while until I realized there were lots of people raving about it, and I wasn’t giving it a fair chance. The beauty of The Ordinary is that you’re “building” your own skincare depending on what your skin goals are rather than picking that one-size-fits-all product.

beautylish the ordinary packaging

beautylish the ordinary stickers

I’ve ordered from the The Ordinary website before, but I’m writing about Beautylish in particular because I think they did such a fantastic job at making the experience so much easier. There’s no doubt that The Ordinary can be overwhelming, especially if you’re interested in a lot of their products. They offer so many different serums and treatments – some of them are PM use only, others you have to use SPF with, and on top of that, there are also some that you can’t use certain products with!

There are resources on both websites, but Beautylish included detailed product cards for every item ordered and a sticker sheet to keep your products organized, which is something that my previous order from the The Ordinary website lacked. It’s probably old-fashioned for me, but I like the cards because it’s easier for me to reference to. I contacted Beautylish support and asked if they include the info cards and stickers in every order for The Ordinary products – they said yes! The rep mentioned that they do occasionally run out of stock for the cards, though.

beautylish the ordinary skincare

beautylish the ordinary argireline solution 10% and buffet

Out of this purchase, I’m most excited to try their Argireline Solution 10% and 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil. The Argireline solution has great reviews on Beautylish and some even said it was like botox in a bottle, so I have high hopes for it. I was actually debating between their rose hip seed oil and argan oil; Cindy wrote about the latter recently and it was the standout product for her so I went with that one. I’m hoping it can replace the Fresh Seaberry oil from my skincare routine!

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary? What are some of your favorites from them?

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  • Sam

    Beautylish & The Ordinary would be such a cool band name tbh. I had no idea Beautylish did that though, that’s so helpful! I haven’t ordered any Ordinary stuff because I have no experience with oils and whatnot so I don’t think I’d get much use out of them, but I love the sticker idea. It’s a really great way for people to get their Ordinary stuff from them instead of the original site!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • Me either! I was pleasantly surprised by it, plus I can use the leftover stickers for my bullet journal hehe. If you’re interested you can always just start with a serum or oil you’re interested in! That’s how I started actually, because I heard that TO’s hyaluronic acid serum was just about the same thing as Glossier’s super bounce except waaaay less $$. And somehow it evolved to this little haul, lol.

  • I’ve heard great things about The Ordinary! I do agree that everything can be overwhelming though, so I think Beautylish is amazing for including the cards and stickers! I hope these work out well for you!

    • Beautylish is becoming one of my favorite retailers – they pack everything sooooo nicely in the box for you, I feel like I’m getting a present every time I open one! 😀

  • I haven’t tried The Ordinary yet but I do hear good thing about their products! That’s really nice that Beautylish sends out the product cards and stickers, those are so helpful. Excited to hear your thoughts on the Argireline Solution 10%, Botox in a bottle sounds incredible!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

    • I have very high hopes of that Argireline solution! I have these little forehead wrinkles that I was a little shocked that I even had and I’m hoping it’ll help with those. Some of the reviews mentioned needing like a month of consistent use to see results, though.

  • YAY can’t wait for you to test these out properly 🙂 I’m really hoping you like them as much as I do. I think I need to order from Beautylish because those stickers look SO handy.

    • The serums actually made all my oils pill up lmfao buuuuut I found that if I used some facial spray it combats it like a charm 😀 I’m really liking the rosehip seed oil so far, it smells surprising nutty!

  • merel

    I heard of these before but I haven’t testes them myself yet. Sounds amazing so I really need to.
    Thanks for sharing babe. And I love your pictures.

    X Merel

    • Thank you Merel! I highly recommend their hyaluronic acid to start out, it keeps my skin feeling hydrated.

  • Kim

    I haven’t seen this brand before, but I’m loving the packaging design! The stickers are genius! I totally want moon stickers to put all over my skincare bottles now lol

    • The moon ones are my favorite, lol. It’s a brand that’s gaining a lot of popularity in North America because of the price point (most of them are less than $10 each), not sure if they’re available worldwide yet though 🙁

  • You got my attention about Botox in a bottle! I have very mixed experiences with The Ordinary serums, some caused the worst breakout that I ever had in my life but a couple were really amazing.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Aw I’m sorry to hear about the breakouts! My skin is pretty resilient so I don’t have to worry too much about trying new things (I even used shampoo as a cleanser out of desperation once lol). Which ones did you end up liking?

      • The Advance Retinoid 2% is AMAZING!!!!

        • I saw a video about a 60 yr old woman using retinoids since she was 20. She literally looks like she’s in her 30s!

  • To be quite honest, I feel like I’m the only one who is not very wowed by their products. While I like their packaging and their affordable price point, I find their formulas quite unrefined and gloopy.

    Lavanya | Elle Files

    • It’s nice to hear a different opinion from time to time! I believe they purposely made it unrefined because you’re supposed to build a skincare routine out of the separate “ingredients” if that makes sense? I totally get you on the gloopy formula though, some of the serums are so thick that they pilled when I applied my moisturizer lol. Fixed it with a bit of facial spray in conjunction with the serums though!

  • I only had experience with Niacinamide and Alpha-Arbutin for my acne redness and scars but like a lot of people, I haven’t seen THAT much of a difference. It doesn’t make it worse though, which is a good thing I guess! I have the Natural Moisturising Factors as well but haven’t tried that one yet – they have so many things it’s so hard to choose, hahah.

    Cherie ✿ sinonym

    • Hmmm, TO seems very hit or miss! I’ve only been using these for about a week, so I still have to use these a little longer to see results. I have tried the hyaluronic acid and I loved it, so I’m hoping I’ll love these too. Totally feel you – TO has so many products that do so many different things, it’s kind of overwhelming!

  • Love your amazing post, sound great products as well, I would love to try one of them. Thank you for sharing, waiting for the next post!!!


  • I haven’t tried anything from them yet, but I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the rosehip oil, as that was the one I was thinking of going for x

    Velvet Blush

  • Those stickers would be so helpful! I have a deciem store near me but I’ve had to go back and forth with their chart to find out what was what! I think you’ll really like the Rose Hip oil – I was not a face oil person until I tried this one!

    Stephanie |

  • the ordinary always sound a bit too ‘chemist’ for me but i’m dying to try them! now i’m putting argireline on the list because of you. so so intrigued. looking forward to your review, bae! <3

  • Looks like great products!
    Isn’t That Charming.