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I love me a minimal desk. There’s just something so nice about having a small space with just the necessities. I’m at the point where I rarely get enjoyment out of things that don’t serve a purpose – I only keep around what I need and consciously choose functional items as decor. And since my desk is quite small, I have more of a reason to keep it clear and tidy… though, sometimes I’m not that good at doing that!

I totally nabbed Mei’s “Peek into my life” series and turned it into “Peek into my space,” by the way. I’m very unoriginal.

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desk organization, small desk organization, small desk ideas, muji drawers, acrylic muji drawers

Aside from my computer and peripherals, I only have these two drawers on my desk. I’m a big fan of these acrylic drawers from Muji, though I’ll admit they’re a bit pricey. I paid upwards of $20 each for these – but I’ve been using them for years and they’re so beautiful and sturdy. Even though my desk has drawers, I chose to keep my writing and lettering utensils in this because I can see them. A lot of the time I just end up… forgetting?? that I have a lot of these things when they’re out of sight. I love the little splash of color the caps give too; it makes this corner more inviting!

I do all my makeup at this desk, so it serves as a vanity of sorts too. My brush holders are actually repurposed candle jars and a peanut butter jar! I keep my favorite perfume, Roses de Chloe, here as well – I always forget to use it (and other perfumes in general) so I like to keep it within my sight.

small vanity organization, small vanity ideas, small desk ideas, small desk organization

small desk organization, small vanity organization, desk organization

The unit next to my writing instruments contains my daily beauty products. I have my skincare products sitting on top, and my everyday makeup in the first drawer. It’s helpful because I do very light, no-makeup makeup on most days, and it also serves as a base for when I’m doing more glam or editorial makeup. Having all these things grouped together minimizes my time looking for my go-to products. The bottom drawer contains accessories, and again, I like that it’s all in one place so I don’t have to spend time looking for it in the mornings. It helps that I don’t own a lot of accessories, so it all fits in my little drawer!

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My favorite part of this corner. These are a combination of photos taken with my Instax Mini 25 camera and the Instax Share printer. In this digital age, almost all our pictures are on Instagram or on our phones and cameras, and it’s very rare that I’ll look back at them. I like that I physically have photos of my favorite memories, and it’s only a look on the wall away.

What does your desk look like?

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