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I love me a minimal desk. There’s just something so nice about having a small space with just the necessities. I’m at the point where I rarely get enjoyment out of things that don’t serve a purpose – I only keep around what I need and consciously choose functional items as decor. And since my desk is quite small, I have more of a reason to keep it clear and tidy… though, sometimes I’m not that good at doing that!

I totally nabbed Mei’s “Peek into my life” series and turned it into “Peek into my space,” by the way. I’m very unoriginal.

desk organization, vanity organization, makeup brushes

desk organization, small desk organization, small desk ideas, muji drawers, acrylic muji drawers

Aside from my computer and peripherals, I only have these two drawers on my desk. I’m a big fan of these acrylic drawers from Muji, though I’ll admit they’re a bit pricey. I paid upwards of $20 each for these – but I’ve been using them for years and they’re so beautiful and sturdy. Even though my desk has drawers, I chose to keep my writing and lettering utensils in this because I can see them. A lot of the time I just end up… forgetting?? that I have a lot of these things when they’re out of sight. I love the little splash of color the caps give too; it makes this corner more inviting!

I do all my makeup at this desk, so it serves as a vanity of sorts too. My brush holders are actually repurposed candle jars and a peanut butter jar! I keep my favorite perfume, Roses de Chloe, here as well – I always forget to use it (and other perfumes in general) so I like to keep it within my sight.

small vanity organization, small vanity ideas, small desk ideas, small desk organization

small desk organization, small vanity organization, desk organization

The unit next to my writing instruments contains my daily beauty products. I have my skincare products sitting on top, and my everyday makeup in the first drawer. It’s helpful because I do very light, no-makeup makeup on most days, and it also serves as a base for when I’m doing more glam or editorial makeup. Having all these things grouped together minimizes my time looking for my go-to products. The bottom drawer contains accessories, and again, I like that it’s all in one place so I don’t have to spend time looking for it in the mornings. It helps that I don’t own a lot of accessories, so it all fits in my little drawer!

instax mini, instax mini 25, polaroid pictures, instax mini 25 pictures

My favorite part of this corner. These are a combination of photos taken with my Instax Mini 25 camera and the Instax Share printer. In this digital age, almost all our pictures are on Instagram or on our phones and cameras, and it’s very rare that I’ll look back at them. I like that I physically have photos of my favorite memories, and it’s only a look on the wall away.

What does your desk look like?

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  • I’m glad you did this post, original or not and your desk is so darn tidy! I wish I have a space but my personal work space is my kitchen island. Haha! I need to get a couple of mason jars to put my brushes in, thank you for the idea!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Sometimes it’s hard to keep tidy, but I try hehe. Working in the kitchen sounds so nice actually – I work off a desktop and I don’t have a laptop, so I’m pretty much confined to working at my desk.

  • I’m still in love with how pretty your pictures always look! And I also loved seeing a peak into your space! My vanity is super cluttered, but it’s usually organized clutter LOL. I like to have things out too so I remember to use them. I have so many Polaroid photos and I never know what to do with them. I should hang mine up somewhere like you did!
    Also, I should do a post like this as well because I’m not original either haha

    • Aw, thank you! I’m really trying to up my photography game, hehe. I feel you lol, I used to have such a cluttered desk BUT I knew exactly where everything was. And during the rare times I cleaned it up, I forgot where I put everything.

      I love how polaroid photos look on the wall, the reason I got my instax camera in the first place was because I knew I wanted to do that. Totally do a peek into your space too, I’m nosy and I’d like to see πŸ˜€

  • I love posts featuring desk / working space! I love your polaroid/gallery wall too!

    Stephanie |

    • I do too, I’m very nosy πŸ˜‰

  • I love your desk setup! I have an extra 5-drawer (thanks to some makeup clear-outs) so I think I should use it for all my pens and stationary cause I’m accumulating quite a large amount. I really wish I had gotten the fujifilm printer instead of the instax mini since I usually want photo prints that I take on trips that I don’t want to lug my instax camera to. Forever on the wishlist!

    Cindy |

    • I think the five drawer one would be a bit too overwhelming for me! It’d give me more of an excuse to fill up the drawers -> more of an excuse to buy more sht I don’t need :p I actually prefer the quality of the instax camera to the printer! The camera takes much more vivid photos, while the printer is a little more washed out. I do like the printer for the photos I have on my phone, though.

  • bae i love your desk setup! and the fact that you put your stationery next to your beauty stuffs made me love it more. really love the way you arrange your brushes and pens. they’re almost therapeutic! totally can relate with forgetting stuffs that out of your view. and the photos! oh, i can forever sit and stare at this corner <3

    • Thank you Tannya bae <3! I'm so happy to hear that ;-; I think the setup is still too big for my liking haha, it takes up almost half the length of my desk (my monitor takes up the other almost-half lol) but I'm pretty content with it right now!

  • Sam

    Your Instax corner is so cute! I have very few physical photos now, and the ones I do have are so old. My desk is pretty neat, but only because it houses my desktop and speakers. the rest goes in drawers, which I have a love/hate relationship with because I like keeping the space mostly empty, but like you I forget it if it’s not in my line of sight. The clear drawers seem perfect though!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • You just reminded me of whenever I was younger and my parents took us to the zoo or whatever, my mom would carry around a film camera and take pictures of us + everything. It’s always nice looking back at those photos. The clear drawers are one of my favorite purchases – I bought them initially for makeup and I really love how they look nice with just about anything.

  • my desk is a mess, HAHAHA. i’ll admit that firsthand. well it’s not HORRIFYING per se but it’s def not as organized as yours. imagine…a geek, a tech geek whose table is occupied by large desktop screen, wifi router and so many cables behind, followed by a huge ass CPU. my desk is mainly for my video gaming muse since i am all about the gaming life lol. i do have two baskets where i put my go-to skincare products and stuff like body lotion, etc but the rest of my makeup is stored in baskets inside a closed shelf underneath a see-through bookcase – if that even makes sense (it’s a giant shelf divided into two sections lol)

    i don’t have instax so i don’t have cool polaroids to decorate my room with haha then again my room is pretty plain. it’s only decorated by wood pattern wallpaper and that’s it. i’m not allowed to stick anything against the wall ^^;;

    i basically take out my makeup from the shelf i mentioned and do my thing on my multitasking gaming desk hahaha i don’t have a huge room so i always have to manage somehow.

    anyway, your desk is really organized! this reminds me i should hunt for storage boxes or something like mugs to store my stuff.

    • Well, sometimes mine is too! I do try to keep it tidy though, since it can easily get cluttered. Ugh I get you on the cables haha, I once dated a guy who had REALLY good cable management. I was probably more attracted to the cable management than himself lmao. What kind of games do you play if you don’t mind me asking?

      Aw, are you renting a place? I used washi tape to stick mine to the wall, and it’s this brand in particular that I use because it’s sticky enough to keep my photos up but doesn’t ruin the walls or leave a sticky residue. I have a set of drawers from Ikea that I put my makeup in, it’s right next to my desk so it’s within reach. On most days my desk is cluttered with makeup though haha, but everything has its place so I can clean up relatively easily.

      • No, i live with my parents (yes i still live with my fam because moving out isn’t as easy when you’re in indonesia where everything is expensive and paychecks are limited) and it sucks because they don’t even let me have control of my room. they don’t let me have control in anything lol

        Hm i play lots of games but mainly RPG, fps, stealth and others like assassin’s creed, skyrim and stuff. Do you play? Because i’d love to find new gamers to be friends with haha
        I mainly play western games though, not so much japanese games anymore. And i’m a pc gamer πŸ™‚

        • Hey no shame about that! I still live with mine too while I still can, it saves lots of money on rent!

          I play a lot of PC games too, mostly Overwatch and Heroes of the storm right now. Someeeetimes I’ll dabble in diablo 3 (I’m very clearly a blizzard fan) and don’t starve, if you play any blizzard games I’d love to add you! πŸ˜€

          • unfortunately no, i don’t play blizzard games. i’m more of a mmorpg / rpg kind as opposed to moba even though i used to play dota but it wasn’t as often as i’d play, say, rpg (dragon age especially!) and other stuff. i MIGHT buy overwatch in the future but right now, not yet. right now, i’m playing paladins which is dubbed as a “free to play copy overwatch.”

            do you have steam? i can add you there! oh and i also love shooter games but not the call of duty kind but more of the…uh, tom clancy’s the division kind haha

          • Hmmmm sometimes OW has free weekends, I’ll keep you posted if they do (and if I remember lol)

            I do have steam! I’m not on it as often though, since I don’t play a lot of games on steam anymore. Bf and I are thinking about getting back into dota though, so maybe sometime soon I’ll be on! My id is “fishpoop” I think (lol), my display picture is one of a dinosaur flying an airplane from Calvin and Hobbes. I’m not very mature for my age lmao

          • lol i have added you! mine’s sparrowhawk πŸ™‚

  • Prashant
  • I love your storage! I love organising my makeup and beauty products xx

  • I love the Muji acrylics!!!
    I am thinking about getting one for my washis….my collection is getting out of hand and I need to organize it. And OMG you have the Zebra highlighters!!! I’ve been thinking about ordering a pack. I’ve seen gorgeous Bullet Journal and notes with them! (although I am more of a Happy Planner kind of gal)

    • I kind of want more of those drawers, though I’m not sure what I’ll use them for haha. I find that if I have too much, I’ll kind of try to find ways or buy things to put in them, lol.

      The zebra highlighters are so nice! They’re more like pastel markers imo, but they’re still really nice and I have a use for them. The pale pink, orange, and yellow ones look just like regular highlighters so I’d avoid those if you’re buying them separately.

  • I’ve got a couple of Instax cameras that I’ve had for years and I still really like having nice mementos and memories stuck up around my space, it adds a bit more personality I think. πŸ™‚ And I agree that Muji drawers are pretty pricey but they just work so well for storing so many different things, and they look so neat and are basically the best solution in so many ways, so they’re worth the investment even though it sucks at the time, because I’ve had mine for years as well as I still use them every day and haven’t seen anything that’s going to do a better job.

  • Kim

    Oh hello desk post xD
    I just finished up writing a desk post and came over for a visit and ran smack into your desk post! There must be a desk sharing virus going around; the blogger’s version of flu season. Muji organizers are a Godsend. They have literally changed my life for the better. I don’t know where I would be without them!

    • Haha, except I’d like to believe these desk posts do more good than bad πŸ˜‰ Muji drawers are so cliche especially among beauty bloggers/vloggers I think, but I think they’re one of the staples!