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If there’s one thing that made the biggest difference in my skincare, it would be Korean sheet masks. I say specifically Korean sheet masks – maybe it’s because I’m Asian and I think North American companies just don’t do them as well. Plus, they usually cost an arm and a leg (I’m looking at you, Sephora) considering that skincare is something that you need to use consistently to see results. I’ve been using sheet masks routinely for half a year now (…about the same amount of time between this post and the last one), and I can really see and feel a difference in my skin – it’s plumper, smoother, and hydrated. I’ve rounded up my favorite masks – I love them so much that I actually feel nervous when I’m down to the last one!

favorite korean sheet mask flat lay - innisfree sheet masks, on the skin sheet masks

For my everyday sheet masks, I find myself repurchasing Llang On The Skin Mask Sheet and Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask masks (it gets a bit confusing when they have “mask” in the name…?). I use these two or three times a week in the warmer months, and every day to every other day in the cooler months. Both of these go for about a dollar each, and it really helps keep my skin hydrated. The skin on my nose and forehead don’t flake off when I’m using these regularly, and my makeup applies a lot more smoothly without catching into dry patches (because there are none). I don’t notice any real difference between the two brands when it comes to results though, though I feel the Llang ones are a tad more clarifying.

Some of the Innisfree masks contain alcohol, so be mindful and read the ingredients list (it’ll be in the top five) if you’re sensitive to it.

favorite korean sheet mask flat lay - too cool for school egg cream mask, oozoo aurora illuminating mask, papa recipe bombee honey mask

When my skin is being very needy or if I want a pick-me-up from my regular routine, I gravitate towards these masks. They’re more on the mid-end range, retailing for about $2.50 to $3 each. The Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask practically saved my life when I was in Guelph. Guelph water is very hard and made my skin feel dry, itchy, uncomfortable, and all kinds of messed up that my usual skincare lineup, including the everyday masks, couldn’t keep up with. I think the honey extract helped to soothe my skin… and I can’t get over the fact that the honey pot looks like a nipple. I was introduced to the Too Cool for School Hydrating Egg Cream Mask through Samantha Ravndahl – it’s weird saying her full name since I regularly watch her Periscopes and I feel like we’re friends even though we barely know each other? Anyway, it’s my go-to for this category of masks since it does such a fantastic job dealing with dry patches or when my skin is being exceptionally dry. It’s available in Sephora as well, though for a whopping $6; it’s more readily accessible if you’d like to try it out, but I wouldn’t recommend consistently buying from there. Lastly, the Oozoo Aurora Illuminating Mask is a bit gimmicky and fun – pop the little pocket of serum in the ear and press to mix – but it still does its job with providing a ton of hydration. The illuminating part of this mask definitely comes from the serum having shimmer and a pinky tone, though.

Do you use sheet masks? Which ones are your favorites?

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