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facetory four ever fresh: first impressions

I don’t do beauty subscriptions. I used to in the past, and I found them to be a waste of money. I won’t lie though, it was really exciting at first! I liked getting a range of new products to try out. But I quickly found that I wasn’t even interested in the products to begin with, and most of them would lay unused. I think I just know what I like – I mean, my base makeup and skincare has barely changed in three years, and the only thing that does is my eye makeup and lipstick.

I saw someone on Snapchat not too long ago talking about Facetory, a Korean sheet mask subscription service. It piqued my interest since it’s such a niche category when it comes to subscriptions, and the results from sheet masks are pretty straightforward. It comes in a package of four “drugstore” masks (four-ever fresh) or seven higher end ones (seven lux). I got the four-ever fresh package since I don’t use sheet masks (or any masks tbh) often.

The four-ever fresh package totals to $6 with shipping, so it breaks down to $1.50 a mask. I was a bit surprised that they came in a plastic mailer bag than a box, when the website says box. Maybe it’s a box for the seven lux package? I prefer it this way anyway, it takes up less waste and space (see what I did there, hehe).

An introduction card is included and there’s information on each sheet mask, as well as a general guide for using them. It’s especially helpful for people like me who have no idea what’s supposed to go on before and after masking!

If you’re just getting introduced to sheet masks or enjoy a sheet mask every now and then, I’d definitely recommend Facetory! It’s less expensive than getting sheet masks at regular beauty retailers from where I live. I think it also makes a good gift since it’s inexpensive and practical. If I were already an enthusiast though, I’d skip this and go straight to buying in bulk online from Korean retailers.

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  • I totally agree with you about beauty subscription services. But this sheet masks ones sounds like something I’d love. I love how it’s only $6 too. I’m not very educated about sheet masks, but I did buy a few in a Japan town when I was in California! They were fun to try, and I just picked ones that has cute packaging since I didn’t know anything about them

    • If I’d known Japan Town sold sheet masks I probably would’ve went cray over it haha! It’s mostly the cute packaging that gets me :p I’ve heard that you need to use sheet masks pretty regularly to see results though, I have a friend who uses two every day and her skin glows! Hopefully a 2 or 3 times a week will be enough though, they can get real expensive real fast.

  • I envy you for having a real face routine. I don’t think I would be patient enough to use face masks every night but I have heard so many good things about it. 🙂

    • My hand may or may not have slipped and I may or may not have ordered close to 50 sheet masks from overseas……… Sheet masks are easy though, you just plop them on and go about doing regular things for 20 minutes and you don’t have to worry about washing it off 🙂

  • Kim

    Beckyyyyyy, I would totally mail you face masks from Korea!! Just msg me your address on IG 😀

    • Kim, you’re too kind! <3 I kind of ended up buying 60+ sheet masks last weekend from RoseRoseShop + Amazon so I'm good for now! Or maybe we can do an exchange of sorts to be fair?

      • Kim

        Ooh that sounds fun!! 😀 Let me know when you run out of your stock, and we’ll do an exchange!! 😀

  • ah i envy! would love such face masks subscription because i go through them really quickly. korea makes the best face masks ;A;