bullet journal

bullet journal week 3

I didn’t mean to  have two back-to-back bullet journal posts, but I didn’t prepare a lot for last week. Fear not though, I’ll (maybe) have something else up in the middle of this week!

I started on putting my weekly tasks into a little box to check off. It’s helped me remember to do things – for example, I’m terrible at taking fish oil. I would be really good at taking it on some days, and on other days I’d completely forget about it. And sometimes the completely forgetting turned into weeks! So to have something to check off every day is really useful.

A long time ago, I was trying to get into Project Life cause I liked the idea of documenting something every day. I had a bunch of my Instagram pictures printed onto these little cards from Social Print Studio with the intention of using it for that. But the major con for me was that I made a big mess every time. Cards, stickers, stamps, die cuts, and pens were everywhere! And that discouraged me from continuing and I eventually lost interest. But now I can use them for decorations here and there.

Do the scary thing first, then get scared after. I binge watched A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix last weekend and finished it. That was one of the quotes that stuck to me, so I wrote it down.

I still haven’t gotten around to doodling on my bullet journal, haha. I also still haven’t gotten around to making a new blog header.

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  • I need to do one of these journals! I loved your last post and now after this one I want to make my own even more lol. I love the check list idea, it’s super satisfying to check things off a list for sure. I need to watch a series of unfortunate events still!

  • YAAA YOUR PENMANSHIP SLAYED AGAIN BAE. and i like the idea of printing ig photos to use in bujo. and yes i think it’s easier to do things once you put them into a list then tick it off one by one 😀