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So here’s an update, finally! Even though it’s been a few months… The post-when-I-want-to thing feels very genuine and I don’t feel bad at all for not updating sooner. Which is also why I’m not saying sorry like I usually do, because there’s nothing to be sorry about. Continue Reading



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Errrr, I’m back?

If you’ve noticed (or haven’t) I’ve been gone for a few good months. I just… lost it for blogging, haha. After seeing some of my blogging friends on Instagram promoting their posts, I realize I kinda miss it. I want to start again (though not publicly announcing it on the ‘gram… yet), so I’ve made some changes towards a hopefully better version of the old blog. Continue Reading

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the water is alive

the water is alive

HEY GUYS!!! Sorry about the lack of updates – classes started recently, so I’ve been swarmed between that, going to the gym, and work. Blogging almost every day for the last two months was so much fun, but reality and responsibilities are kicking in so I’ll lay back a bit for now. Today’s post is one of my favorite makeup looks to date. It was inspired by water because I was watching a lot of Free! then (but who am I kidding I love that show so much I’ve been rewatching it a lot anyway). Continue Reading


brooklyn bridge

brooklyn bridge 001

A waaay overdue post, but better late than never! In November, I finally got around to walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with my friend Brian. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do because the Brooklyn Bridge is just so…. New York, you know? Continue Reading