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milk makeup: the a team

milk makeup the a team review

You guys, cream makeup has taken my world by storm. I just love how seamlessly they blend into my skin. They’re so convenient to travel with, and blend beautifully with just my fingers and maaaaybe a Beauty Blender on some occasions. That means less brushes to pack and more space for makeup in my luggage, right?
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easy chocolate soufflé

chocolate souffle recipe

I love cooking and baking, but fancy recipes intimidate me. I can do cookies, stir frys, boxed mac and cheese… But anything that requires a roux or tempering? Nope, count me out! Michael came across Chef John’s chocolate soufflé recipe and really wanted to try it. Even though it includes that aforementioned roux, it’s actually quite easy! The ingredients are simple ones that most people already have in their kitchen or pantry. The result? A quick, easy, and delicious dessert made in under 30 minutes! Continue Reading


hydrating primers on rotation

As the seasons come and go, so do my primers. I don’t need them in the warmer months; the humidity in the air does enough for my makeup to look and feel decent throughout the day. My dry skin only gets drier when autumn hits though, so I stick to hydrating primers in my routine. I don’t prefer silicones in my primers because of the texture, and luckily all three of these are silicone-free!
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first thoughts & impressions: birchbox september 2017

september 2017 birchbox review

Birchbox is one of the OG subscription boxes available to the beauty community. I was a subscriber back in the day, but I wound up not using a lot of the products so I canceled after a few months. Of course, the thing that entices me back years later is an offer for half off the first box in a 3-month subscription. Why not try it briefly and see how I like it this time around? Continue Reading

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Lush Sympathy for the Skin

lush sympathy for the skin review

Autumn is here, and that means shifting my skincare and body products to adapt to the colder months. I tend to pamper myself more, since my dry skin only gets drier and needs that extra care so I don’t flake off everywhere. I recently repurchased Sympathy for the Skin, my all-time favorite body lotion – so I thought while it’s still nice and brand new (even though I already got smudgy marks on the lid), I’d pop out a review for it.

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